Avery Bargeron Floats Like A Butterfly

Camille Summers

“Snacks. Everything blue. And loads of spirit. Even in just the locker room."

Senior Avery Bargeron came in second in the 200 free and third in the fly in this year’s state meet, breaking  3 individual school records and 3 team school records just this year alone! She is currently recruited to swim at Auburn for the next 4 years and announced her commitment in early August. 

This year, the Lovett swim team came in 3rd for the GHSA State meet. It was a really big win for the team! They were hoping for 3rd, but they knew they had to work their hardest to get there. They only stepped ahead of Mount Paran by 6 points (for reference, that is only about a one or two place difference in a race). 

Every member of the team was obviously ecstatic to win state, but Avery was particularly overjoyed because it was her senior year. She says that especially this year she’s “learned to cherish every single meet. It went by so fast. I can’t even begin to explain it to you. I know I’m going to miss it a lot. I get to be with my classmates, and we really form a team bond. I’ll definitely miss it next year...no doubt.”

However, Avery does not typically practice with the Lovett swim team. Though she does compete with them, she does daily practices with her club team, Dynamo. She doesn’t really see the coaches except at meets. Her club practices are typically harder and longer, and her club coach would prefer her to practice with them instead of Lovett. She still enjoys competing with Lovett. “It’s probably one of my favorite memories of senior year,” she says. “Lovett is different from club swimming. Everyone is cheering for each other instead of competing against each other. Don’t get me wrong, I love both. But it’s just different environments.”

Being a senior comes with its privileges and leadership. Avery comments on past captains, and how she uses their example to ensure that everyone has a good time. “I specifically remember the captains and the seniors from past years, and how they made it so fun,” she says. “Snacks. Everything blue. And loads of spirit. Even in just the locker room. I try to keep that in mind and pass that on. I want the whole team to have a good time.” 

The State meet is the final meet that Lovett competes in. They take their top swimmers of the year and compete them in specific competitions. This year, Lovett finished 3rd in the state behind Westminster and GAC. 

In Avery’s multiple events, she broke the school record for the 50 Free, 200 Free, and the 100 Butterfly, which are all individual events. She also broke the school record for the 200 Free Relay and the 400 Free Relay alongside the rest of her relay team, Cameron Colavito, Ivey Smith, and Lily Botha.

Speaking of the state meets each year, she says, “I just remember it being fun, and that’s what I really do it. The state meet is so fun because everyone gets so hype. It’s the last hoorah, so we always go all out, especially since I was a senior this year. I also get to see my friends from different schools at the state meets. It was a bit different this year with COVID, but you still got to see most people. They also have medals at the state meet, which makes it really fun and rewarding. You get to wear your accomplishments.”

As for Avery’s coming swim years, she will be swimming at Auburn University in Alabama. When choosing her school, it took a lot of time to decide. One of the biggest things for her was the “vibe” and the friendly environment. “I wanted something that was a really big team culture,” she says. “I knew I would make good friends [at Auburn].” Though she was offered commitment opportunities from other schools, she just felt like Auburn would be her best fit. 

Avery will not be able to rush at Auburn because of the coach’s guidelines. “It’s too much of a pull between the team and a sorority. I also just simply wouldn’t have enough time, especially with academics. Since I can’t rush, I wanted the team to feel like my sorority,” she says. 

However, on the swim side, one of the things that she is most looking forward to is the Auburn dual meets against other schools. “I heard everyone gets really hype for those,” she says. Avery also is looking forward to meeting the rest of her team. Though she practices with another Auburn recruit and has met with some future fellow teammates, she is super excited to meet the rest of the team and form another swim bond. 

Be sure to check out Avery Bargeron this year on the Auburn swim team! Maybe an Olympic record next!

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