Deans on the Scene

Last week, Lovett’s College Counseling Office was joined by six university admission deans for the sixth annual reverse fly-in event. Vern Granger (University of Connecticut), Calvin Wise (Johns Hopkins University), David Kuskowski (Clemson University), Joyce Mai (NC State University), Barkley Barton (University of Notre Dame), and Yvon Romero de Silva (Rice University) were in attendance. While the program could not be held in person, a full schedule was still planned for admission guests to connect with Lovett parents, students, faculty, and administrators. One of the many highlights was the virtual Q&A with Lovett upper school parents. The panel discussion focused on chapter 10 (“Making the Final Decision”) of Jeff Selingo’s book, Who Gets In and Why: A Year Inside College Admissions

Some of the Insightful Questions and Answers from the Parent Q&A:

  • Advice on visiting a school right before a decision is needed?
    As well as touring the campus on an official tour, be sure to wander the campus before or after the official events to experience what campus is like on a regular day.

  • Previously, colleges and universities have awarded financial aid and merit scholarships based on GPA and test scores - now that many are test-optional, what are they "really" considering?
    Test optional means test-optional. If a student does not submit a test score in their application file they will not be penalized. However, some state programs require test scores, so make sure to keep that in mind if you want to be considered for a state scholarship.

  • What's more important - rigor or grades? Is it better to get an A in an on-level class or a B in an AP or Honor class?
    Rigor within reason - It's important to pursue rigor in areas of interest and to establish a manageable and appropriate balance for you (ex. if you want to major in engineering, APs or Honors in STEM classes would be encouraged). (We always recommend speaking with your advisor and college counselor if you have questions about building your schedule.)
  • When should parents discuss the cost of college with their students?
    Start having affordability conversations with your student long before their senior year. Use a college’s My inTuition, Net Price Calculator, or other calculation tools to anticipate how much one might expect to pay per school. 
Thank you to all who joined our College Counseling team for the reverse fly-in events. It was a wonderful opportunity for admission deans and directors from a variety of US colleges and universities to learn more about Lovett. And what's more, it was an excellent chance for students and parents to hear from the college admission professionals!


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