V-Day Special: A Crushing Victory

Katie Maier and Veronika Valia

His favorite candy is Kit Kats, and his favorite Lovett lunch is circle pizza. “I know it’s basic,” he admits, “but it never fails.” 

With Valentine’s Day as the context, the word crush clearly means to “have a brief but intense infatuation for (someone).” Of course, depending on the intensity of the crush, it can also bring to mind the more common definition: “deform, pulverize, or force inwards by compressing forcefully.” After all, if you like someone enough it can feel like your heart is being pulverized. And if they have no idea you exist, it can make you want to pulverize them.

As we do every year, we asked you on the Valentine’s Day survey to tell us your senior crush. (We know you might be crushing on someone in another grade, but that’s just not what we’re about here at The OnLion.) And you responded with many, many names. So while we’re celebrating the top two boys and girls, you should know that we know that there are a lot more seniors out there who are the subject of intense infatuation.

To help you get to know these most crushed-on seniors, we talked to them and found out the deets. 

Charlie Hoke

“I’m surprised and, I guess, flattered that people think I’m a senior crush,” says Charlie Hoke. He admits that he doesn’t necessarily think of himself as senior crush material, so this new title feels weird, and kinda funny. 

A football and lacrosse player, Charlie likes spending time outdoors and hanging out with his friends. His favorite Lovett lunch is breakfast sandwiches and his favorite candy is smarties. His spirit animal is a bear because “it’s big and looks mean but at the same time is fuzzy.”  

But above all of these things, what is it that earned Charlie Hoke the honor of senior crush? The voters of the Valentine’s Day survey might just be attracted to his chill personality and laid-back perspective on life. 

Charlie describes himself as “easygoing, nice, and happy,” qualities he also looks for in a romantic relationship. His ideal date is simply going out to dinner and hanging out. The venue of his date doesn’t matter as much as the person he spends it with. And, he jokes, the only dealbreaker is if that person has “crazy parents.”

Collin Goldberg 

“I don’t think much about it, but it’s cool to know,” says senior crush Collin Goldberg about his new title.

Instead of letting his new honor get into his head, Collin likes to live in the moment, which might be what the survey voters find most attractive about himit. When he’s not playing sports, he enjoys hanging out with friends, playing video games, and watching Game of Thrones, which he has dubbed “the greatest tv show of all time.” 

When it comes to food, Collin sticks to the classics. His favorite candy is Kit Kats, and his favorite Lovett lunch is circle pizza. “I know it’s basic,” he admits, “but it never fails.” 

Although he isn’t dating anyone right now, Collin knows that his ideal person would be “fun, funny, and outgoing” to match his own “funny, hardworking, and adventurous” personality. His ultimate first date is something casual that would let him really get to know the person he is with. Hopefully, this person is an animal lover because, he says, “If you don’t like dogs, I just can’t do it.”

Katy Burch

Exclusive to the halls of Lovett, being chosen as a senior crush is nothing short of an honor. This year, two senior girls, Katy Burch and Anna Bray were chosen, and we are excited to share a bit about them with all of you. Let’s call it speed dating the senior crush. Here we go. 

When asked who her pop culture crush is, Katy Burch, responds with a favorite: Robert Pattinson. I mean please, if you’re a girl who grew up in the early 2000s, you have to know who that is. And most of you probably had a crush on him too, I mean his two most famous roles, Cedric and Edward are nothing short of swoon-worthy. I can admit I’ve fallen under his spell a time or two. Now, we all love movies, but aside from that, when asked about her favorite hobbies, Katy explains that she loves to read. To get more specific, she likes mysteries, thrillers, old books like ‘The Beautiful Damned.’ She also explains how her “favorite movie would be ‘Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind,” her favorite song is “telescope” and her favorite T.V show is The Office. Ah. I haven’t met one person who doesn’t love that show.

When asked how she tends to relax, she says that she loves to hang out with her family. She explains how sometimes “we just sit in the living room and just talk” and that’s one of her favorite things to do. Now for food, something everyone loves. Her favorite candy is Reeses, her favorite Lovett lunch is the sweet and sour chicken. As for coffee? Trust me if you go to Lovett, you must be a coffee addict. When asked how she likes her coffee she laughs saying, “Oh my god, I can explain this to you in great detail.” She then quickly says “I like it with milk, a little bit of cinnamon and a little bit of sugar.” Mmm. Sounds delicious on a cold winter's day. 

When asked about her childhood, she says she used to play in the sandbox at her grandma’s house with her brothers and make cute little sandcastles. Ah. Take me back to those days. She’s also environmentally conscious and would choose, when given the option, to bring her own bag. Her spirit animal is a hippo and if she had a time machine, she would go to the 20s. 

Now for some relationship questions. When asked about any deal breakers, she explains that “I like to talk a lot. I like a person who can talk a lot too because I love to talk. I need someone who's not awkward.” Completely understandable. When asked about her ideal date, she has simple tastes. “Dinner, maybe at someplace fun like a pizza place or a pasta place” and she explains how her ideal person is funny, kind and loyal.” As for three words she’d use to describe herself: “optimistic, hopefully nice, and hopefully funny. I think I'm really funny but I know I'm not that funny,” she says with a chuckle. 

Anna Bray

When asked who her pop culture crush is, she explains that it's Bradley Cooper, the cause of many a girl’s swooning. I mean the man can do it all. Act, sing, be a racoon.  When asked about her favorite hobby, she says that it is probably going out to eat or hanging out with her friends. Her favorite movie is “The Maze Runner'' and that entire series, and her favorite T.V show is the Vampire Diaries. Stefan or Damon I wonder? 

As for some romantic questions, her ideal first date is going out to dinner, and three words to describe her ideal person are “funny, nice, and confident, I guess,” she says. In turn, she describes herself as determined, outgoing, and persistent. Great qualities in a person if I may say so myself. Her favorite way to relax is sleep and watch T.V, her favorite candy is sour patch kids, and her favorite Lovett lunch is fried ravioli. Yum. She’s not alone on that one. She loves coffee too, saying that she’s a huge fan of vanilla cream.

As for any relationship dealbreakers, she hesitates for a second thinking. “I guess if they are like, mean to you or to their friends,” she finally says. Her spirit animal is “maybe a monkey, I don't know” she says. Finally, my favorite part. If she had a time machine she would just go back and restart her entire life. Relatable. We love it. 


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