Spotify Wraps Up 2020

Ayanna Desai

“It’s fun to see all of the songs I’ve listened to the most.” 

No matter how you listen to your music, you’ve probably heard of the Spotify 2020 Wrapped recap feature, whether it was through social media or your own Spotify app. 

2020 Wrapped is a special feature Spotify released on December 2nd. It is a feature that tells the user about their music history all throughout 2020. It tells the user about their top artist, genre, song, and other statistics such as how long they’ve spent listening to their favorite song, and how many minutes they’ve spent listening to music in general. 

Freshman Eloise Diffley and Mimi Knox said that 2020 Wrapped is a very accurate representation of the type of music they listen to. Also, for both of them, their top genre was Country. Sophomore Alicia Kim said that her top genre was “probably pop,” and junior MP Perkins said, “my favorite right now is probably classic rock or 80s music.”

Eloise’s most listened to song was “The Last Great American Dynasty,” by Taylor Swift, which she listened to 36 times. Mimi’s was “Snapback” by Old Dominion, and she listened to that song a whopping 60 times. Alicia, whose favorite artists are Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish, said that her most listened to song was “Bad Guy,” by Billie Eilish. 

Mimi likes the Spotify 2020 feature because she is “able to see what other people listen to” and she is able to get inspiration. “It’s fun to see all of the songs I’ve listened to the most.” 

“I like that it gives me a playlist of my most listened to songs,” said MP. “I also like that I can compare my favorite artists with my friends.”

Eloise enjoys seeing what she listened to or how her tastes have changed. “I can see how my top songs have changed from the beginning of the year to the end,” she said. 

Their appreciation of Spotify goes beyond the Wrapped playlist. Eloise, who’s had Spotify for about a year, loves how “you can play any song you want,” and Mimi, who’s had it for an impressive five years, loves how “it’s super easy to add [songs] to the queue and how it’s super easy to make playlists.” She also likes how you can follow other people’s playlists and other singers that you like.” 

Spotify is the proud winner for the number one best streaming service, but there are other streaming apps, including Apple and Amazon Music, that are popular as well. 

Mimi’s family had Apple music before they had Spotify, but she definitely likes Spotify better because “it's very easy to use and you can follow your friend's playlist, and Spotify makes playlists for your top songs.”

MP also had Apple Music for a while, but she likes Spotify better because “it tells me when I’m adding a duplicate song to a playlist and it [gives me] a lot of suggested playlists that are specific to my taste,” she told me. “I also like that I can look up a song within a playlist.”

Alicia uses both Amazon music and Spotify. Eloise has tried out Amazon music, but she doesn’t use it. She likes Spotify better because of the 2020 Wrapped. “It's nice because it’s all my favorite songs in one place,” she said.

When I asked Eloise if there were any songs on her 2020 recap that surprised her, she told me that there were, but they are “kind of embarrassing.” 

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