Homecoming 2020: Abridged and Abbreviated, But Still Fun,

Georgia Norton

Despite ‘rona and Zeta, Homecoming was a nice reminder of the community we’re lucky to still have.

Though this year’s Homecoming week was a little later and a little shorter than usual, it wasn’t lacking in spirit. In addition to the traditional HoCo football game, SGA organized NUDs, in-school events, and little perks throughout the week to encourage the Lovett pride, as well as give students and staff something to celebrate--something we could all use. Here’s a breakdown of all that last week brought:

On Monday, we kicked off the week with a Fan Day NUD. A close relative of Jersey Day, Fan Day encouraged students to wear anything that represented their interests, not only sports-related. In the halls, we saw students represent UGA and Georgia Tech, TV shows, and vacation spots, among others. Some--like Meghan Khars in her Notre Dame jacket--took the sports angle, but others--like Jacob Frank, who chose to rep the artist Keith Haring--took the opportunity to support their cultural favs. 

Day 2 was Tropical Tuesday. Despite the chilly weather, students dressed in Hawaiian shirts, puka shell necklaces, and bucket hats, perhaps all lamenting the long-lost vacations of pre-Corona times. Ashley Stratton, a senior, came in full tourist gear--cargo shorts and all. Others opted for simple T-shirts advertising beaches and lakes. Ciara Seminara even brought a speaker and played music at lunch.

Conference day! No school! Woo hoo! No better way to celebrate homecoming than with a day off of school, and with virtual conferences, students could stay in sweatpants or PJs all day.

The original hope was for a Halloween NUD, but--in true 2020 fashion--hurricane Zeta had other plans. Instead of a spooky day of costumes at school, many of us enjoyed a far scarier candle-lit night without power, listening to rain and watching ghosts strung up as Halloween decor come eerily to life, flapping in the extreme winds. Senior movie-night was canceled, also. Definitely in line with the creepy Halloween spirit, but maybe less so with that of Homecoming. So, scratch that…

Finally, Homecoming day arrived. Seniors and juniors flocked to school in comfy clothes, many also toting chargers and devices, taking the opportunity to charge up everything they’d need for a weekend without power. The day began with the Homecoming parade; football, cheer, cross country and volleyball athletes walked for their friends, throwing out the occasional candy bar into the crowd. Softball players originally planned to be in the parade but had to take a bus to the state competition instead (they got second in state).

Then, powderpuff: seniors sat on the bleachers and juniors the field to watch incredible performances from JV and varsity cheer before taking the field for a juniors vs seniors game of ultimate football. Seniors won, of course, and the grade celebrated the small victory. 

The last of the day’s activities was the variety show, where musicians and dancers performed on the track. Madison Peavy, a senior, began the show singing Adele’s When We Were Young, followed by a TikTok dance from a group of seniors. Vinay Neeley also sang, Chase Jeter danced, and two junior bands performed. “Madison is so talented,” said Gillian Adams, “I always get excited to hear her.” As for Chase, many seniors were sad that it was his last performance--he’s performed at pretty much every talent show of most of our Lovett careers.

Friday night, the football game theme was Halloween, giving many the chance to wear the costumes they’d planned to sport Thursday. There were frat boys, cheetahs, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, but people overwhelmingly agreed that Chelsea Mason took the cake in her Coke bottle costume. In typical homecoming fashion, Lovett crushed Towers in a 51-6 victory, and Chandler Kenny and Ryan Mutombo were crowned homecoming queen and king.

Monday, seniors finally made up Thursday’s Halloween NUD; Anne Alston Brady dressed as Noah Beck from TikTok’s Sway House and Elaina Samedy and Francie Tucker did a joint costume as Zack and Cody from Disney’s Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Using the cold weather to their advantage, a few dressed as skiers and others as old ladies in robes, pajama pants, and slippers.

Overall, it was a fun week, if not a strange one. On the whole, everyone was excited to change up their routine and finally have something fun to get behind. Despite ‘rona and Zeta, Homecoming was a nice reminder of the community we’re lucky to still have, and it was all the sweeter knowing what a luxury it was just to have a football game and the chance to be together.

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