Football Team Becoming The Best They Can Be

John Srouji

“As we go on with the season, we can get better at the little details and how we execute each play.”

We’re a few months into the football season, and the team’s record is 6-2. Coach Muschamp highlighted the team's camaraderie. “They have and are continuing to develop as a team,” he said. “They all have a team mentality where everyone pulls for one another.” 

Coach Muschamp told me that so far the season has gone “surprisingly smoothly considering we don’t know what’s going to happen from week to week. We’ve done well getting ready to play Friday nights and haven’t had any major setbacks.”

Junior Charlie Woocher agreed. He told me that the team’s biggest strength would have to be “Just having that team bond.”

Coach Muschamp let me know that one of the best games the team has played is their game against GAC. While they lost, he was “really proud of how they responded to that loss. We also beat Washington and South Atlanta. And even this Friday we dominated from the get go.”

Senior Charlie Hoke agreed that GAC was their best game, saying that “We’re really proud of how we played against GAC, and we ended up doing really well.” 

Charlie H cited the team’s defense as its biggest strength. “We haven’t been letting [up] too many points,” he said. 

The football team definitely has a growth mindset. 

Charlie Woocher told me that “As we go on with the season, we can get better at the little details and how we execute each play.” He elaborated, telling me that over this season, the team has been focusing on “becoming the best team we can be. We lost a lot of talent from last year’s senior class, so we’re working hard to improve.”

Charlie Hoke on the other hand pointed out that they can improve on the offensive side of the ball. “We’re a young team so we have plenty of room for improvement,” he said. 

According to Hoke, the team is working on not letting up big plays and stopping the run on defense. “Also getting the ball to some of our better players,” he said. “We’ve got four more regular-season games, and then a bye week between that and the playoffs, so we’ve got eight or nine more weeks left in the season.”

And as for Coach Muschamp, he wants his players pushing through the grind and routine. “That’s hard to do because our season got extended by two weeks,” he said. “They’ve also been doing a good job dealing with uncertainty from day to day. Last week was our best week of practice because we’ve had outstanding practices from Monday to Wednesday.” 

Lastly, Coach Muschamp gave me some insight into how the team was dealing with this new global pandemic. “We’ve all had to adjust to a new way of life, wearing a mask ten to twelve hours a day, and they’ve made the transition pretty well. We have to protect one another.”

That goes for on the field, and off.

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