Softball Team Nabs Region Championship

Camille Summers

“I love the road to state. The games are so fun and competitive….We also get lots of merch which is awesome.”   

Softball had a great year, to say the least. Winning back-to-back-to-back-to-back region championships (2017-2020) and coming in runner-up at the state championship this year was truly amazing for the softball team!

The season was full of highlights, like Ana Gore’s home run, the first in Lovett history. “I didn’t think it was real at first,” she said. “I didn't know it went over, and I couldn't believe it. It’s the first time it has ever happened. Everyone was super pumped, especially the people on bases.” 

Pitcher Peyton Kanaly and catcher Allie Ohde also knocked one over the wall. 

Winning regions for the fourth time and beating Pace not once but twice this year was huge. Though they were not able to go out and celebrate after, they really enjoyed the high spirits and carried that over to the playoffs. 

The team pushed themselves and kept the energy up to play their best. They worked super hard as a team, and as Peyton Kanaly added, “I love the road to state. The games are so fun and competitive….We also get lots of merch which is awesome.”   

In spite of the need to remain socially distanced, the team was still able to bond. 

 “We have good chemistry as a team though on and off the field,” Senior Hadley Griggs said. “It’s nice to have so many people on the team that have similar personalities and can play to each other’s strengths. We operate as a team not as individuals.”

Freshman Ana Gore, right-field, also talked about the team relationships. “It’s been good and it’s been fun to connect with people from other grades. The upperclassmen have been really nice and mentoring me. They’re like my big sisters and I like looking up to them and following their examples. I’ll definitely miss them, but I’m excited to lead lower classmen one day.”

Though Hadley Griggs was the only senior this year, she enjoyed helping out the younger classmen. “I think it’s cool to watch all the underclassmen come together on a team that’s pretty new to them and adapt pretty well,” she said. 

Though they’ve worked hard on the field, COVID-19 was obviously something they had to adapt to. Besides wearing masks in the locker room and other indoor locations, softball regulations required masks when in the dugout and after completing their run. They weren’t required to wear masks while hitting, on bases, or on the field because they were, for the most part, socially distanced. Masks were ready to be put on when they made it to home base, pre-cheering. 

Despite the games that were canceled due to the horrendous weather and the pandemic this year, the team was still able to beat Pace and play against some hard 7-A schools. 

The team also had a new coach this year, which can be a challenge, But Hadley said the coach did a great job of “understanding when we need to be with a teacher after school or go to tutorial or whatnot.” This helped them balance their school life with their softball life, a necessity for all student-athletes. 

But, overall, the team has loved playing this year. The road to state was remarkable and they truly did a fantastic job playing. Reflecting on the close of her junior year season, Peyton Kanaly said, “I loved to be a part of such a great experience and amazing team. I will miss the friends I have made on the team the past 3 years and the feeling of being part of a group that all shares the same passion and goals.”

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