Getting Back to Normal with SGA Prez William McDaniel

John Srouji

“Most plans I made I was assuming everyone would be here. If we can get everyone back, I think we would be able to do all the fun things.” 

With a new school year comes a new SGA president. This year, the SGA president is William McDaniel. William told me that what prepared him most for being SGA president is “probably the fact that I’ve been at Lovett since kindergarten and I’ve seen what has worked and what hasn’t.”

Unlike past SGA presidents, William has the added challenge of having to plan events during a global pandemic. ”It’s really difficult,” he said.  “I’ll want to plan an event and then the idea will get shot down because of Covid.” 

William told me that from his very first day as SGA president, which was back in spring, that he was already having to deal with Covid. He said that on his first day, he spent time “talking to start planning things and dealing with Covid.” 

I asked William what his goals and plans for the year were and he told me that although he had come up with a ton of ideas over the summer, a good number of them were based on the assumption that everyone would be on campus and Covid would be gone. “Right now, I really just want things to get back to normal,” he told me. “Most plans I made I was assuming everyone would be here. If we can get everyone back, I think we would be able to do all the fun things.” 

Aside from the negatives of dealing with Covid, William plans on taking a slightly different approach at being SGA president than Pierce did last year. While Pierce wanted to focus solely on planning events and making people happy during morning meetings, William wants to go beyond and actually try to talk to the administration about changing some rules.

When I asked him what some of these ideas for changes might be, he immediately pulled out his phone, opening the notes app where he had a list of rules he wanted to bring to the administration in hopes of changing them or making them better. For example, he thinks that “the outerwear policy should be extended to white and blue sweatshirts. And some girls have approached me about being able to wear leggings.”

William said that so far one of the most interesting things about being SGA president has been that he is “working alongside administration, being in charge of things, and overseeing everything. It's much more of a perspective.” 

One of William’s main plans for the year, however, is for a student vs. faculty kickball game. “Events like that are loved by the student body and teachers,” he told me, “but not everyone is good at basketball,” referring to the Lovett tradition of having a student vs. faculty basketball game every year. 

Finally, William told me a little about himself. He told me he listens to all sorts of different music ranging from Kenny Chesney to Kanye West to Red Hot Chilli Peppers. 

William’s favorite movies are The Wolf of Wall Street and Batman, “whichever one has Heath Ledger in it,” as he put it. 

And as for his hobbies, he told me he loves to hunt and do pretty much anything outdoors. Some things people may not know about him include that he is an eagle scout and he spends “a lot of time in the stock market.”

So, while William does have big goals for this year that we will hopefully get to see play out if Covid goes away, right now the primary focus of the SGA is to “get things back to normal.”

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