Student Lounge Takeover (and other Senior adaptations)

Camille Summers

“We still have fun in the Student Lounge socially distanced,” says Jack Gallagher.

I never thought I would be spending my senior year in a global pandemic. Sure, on the bright side, it’ll be a cool story to tell later on, but as of right now, I don’t really care about the bright side. I want my senior year back. Many activities such as Senior Supper, Senior Breakfast, Senior Walk-In, Homecoming, etc. have already been “postponed” for later in the year. 

As students, we’ve come to accept that “postponed” simply means “canceled”. 

Since so many things have been canceled or physically blocked off, the senior class has had to adapt and find new ways to participate in senior activities. 

One of the “senior privileges” was the Senior Lounge- a dedicated place for seniors to hang out. It’s a little small, but for years we’ve watched our elders nap, study, play cards, and chat in there. 

The only way to get in is to awkwardly ring a doorbell and explain to one of the college counselors why you need to be in there. The only acceptable reason? To meet with a counselor to complain about Naviance or explain why you haven’t written that supplemental.

To adapt, the senior class has taken over the Student Lounge, which is technically a space for the entire Upper School body. Any student can go in to study or talk with friends. 

Not every senior minds. “We still have fun in the Student Lounge socially distanced,” says Jack Gallagher. “It's weird not being able to have the option of the Senior Lounge but I enjoy the Student Lounge better anyway. There’s more space and you can talk with people but also study.”

The Student Lounge is constantly full of seniors throughout the day (6 feet apart of course). 

Not only has the Student Lounge been conquered by the seniors, but lunch has had quite the changes as well. Some things have remained the same like cutting the juniors in line and choosing to get seconds, but some things like the group arrangements or the number of available chairs have changed.

If you observed the original senior lunch situation, it would’ve been a bunch of seniors in the back corner of the cafeteria divided up by friend group but still sitting next to each other. It would’ve been filled with lunches of multiple hot plates, rice and beans, salads, and saltine crackers. 

If you observe the current senior lunch situation, all the seniors are right in the center of the school in the plaza, still divided by friend group (now told by the backpacks being used as pillows or chairs) and with the same lunch. 

Holt Burge says, “Lunch is different in terms of the Cafeteria and rhythm, but I don’t really mind. I still get to talk to my friends even if I have to yell across the plaza. The lunches themselves too have been pretty good. I enjoyed the wings.”

Along with the new setting for our now 12:15 lunch, the administration has really tried to make this year fun for us. With an increase in NUDS and a larger say in what happens, seniors are looking forward to what's ahead and are taking it one NUD at a time. Though traditions like Homecoming and Halloween might be different, Lovett is trying their best to adjust and it shows. 

“We’ve had a lot more say in school activities,” Francie Tucker says, “I really like it because it makes the activity more enjoyable and more personal for us in a time where we are losing a lot of traditions.”

Hadley Griggs agrees. “Administration is conscious so they’re trying to give us as many opportunities as they can whether it's going to football games or choosing specific NUDS. It’s really helped make this circumstance fun.”

Seniors are taking every advantage to voice their opinions to SGA or Lovett admin. Just on Friday, Lovett provided the senior class with Otter’s Chicken, music, and a ping-pong tournament along with a pajama NUD. 

Thinking about what’s yet to come, Ford Powell says, “I hope we still get some of the normal traditions, but nothing is really certain. We’re all trying to make the most of it. I just hope we get Otter’s again.”

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