Back to School: Eva Rouland and Nastassja Panos (Grade 10) and Anika Murthy (Grade 12)

John Srouji

“It's been exhausting, I’m already dead."

Coming back to Lovett after nearly a semester of online school has certainly been a unique experience for Lovett students. And if you thought this would be an easy experience, you would be wrong.

Following the green tape to get through the library, I found sophomores Eva Rouland and Nastassja Panos right outside of IT. I spoke with Eva who told me that the year has already gotten to be very stressful. 

“It's been exhausting, I’m already dead,” she told me. She explained that her workload has been piling up over the past few weeks and that it has not been an easy transition for her. Eva’s rigorous schedule includes classes like Honors Spanish, AP World History, and Chemistry. Still, even though the school year has been off to a tough start, Eva mentioned that it's better than being fully virtual.

Eva told me that her biggest takeaway from going fully online was that she needs to be around friends to stay motivated. “I’m definitely more introverted so I thought it wouldn't be that bad, but I quickly realized that I need to be able to see my friends,” she said. 

On the other hand, a positive takeaway Eva had about being fully virtual was getting out at 12:00. I’ve got to agree with Eva on this one; getting out at 12:00 meant we still had plenty of energy to study and do homework, all the while still having free time later in the day. 

A week earlier, I spoke to senior Anika Murthy outside in the plaza under one of the white tents.

On top of having an extremely tough schedule including multiple AP and Honors classes, Anika, like all of her senior peers, has to come back to school with the added stress of applying to colleges. She told me that she’s been spending all of her free periods doing college applications. 

Anika’s biggest takeaway from being fully virtual last spring was that she needed to be in person to actually learn without getting distracted. She said that at this point in the school year she’s “exhausted already, but I’m also excited and nervous.”

She explained that it's been especially tough coming back because she had a really great summer in quarantine. She told me that she spent her summer watching Love Island (on TV), going to Kiawah Island (in the real world), and being around her new dog, Tucker (also real).

Anika’s primary goal for the year is getting into her first choice college and that her biggest fear would be not getting into it and missing out on all of the fun senior events because of Corona. One thing we will sadly still have to deal with is our college applications, which we got right back to work on as soon as the interview was over.

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