Back to School: Emma Yoder (Grade 9)

Caroline Brown

Attending school virtually in the spring helped her to appreciate “hands on learning.”

For freshman Emma Yoder her biggest fear would be “Quarantine take 2.” After all, she says, “We are just getting things ‘semi-normal’ for Corona.”

However, when I spoke to Emma over Facetime she seemed to have a refreshingly positive outlook on the pandemic. 

Over the summer, she had time to reflect on herself and the world surrounding her by taking long walks and runs around Chastain Park. She says most of her time was spent reading, tanning, and swimming at the beach... and watching all 16 seasons of Grey's Anatomy, which she told me later. 

Towards the end of the summer she spent most of her time sweating on the volleyball courts; her club team, Rio, was canceled, so she was really excited but nervous to get back on the courts. In fact, when I talked to her at 10 o’clock she was still wearing her JV volleyball jersey, from the afternoon games, which they won!

When she started the school year, she was excited to get back into the classroom, “even if it is half of the time.” Attending school virtually in the spring helped her to appreciate “hands on learning.” When she came into a classroom on the first day she was also a little nervous because she hadn't been with people since March. Fortunately, in one of her first classes, the teacher was very engaging and since then she has been 100% excited by her friends, teachers, and classes.

While she is a little worried about some of the harder classes, she hopes to do well academically, and with a last name WAAAY down in the alphabet, she hopes to see her A-K friends back in the classroom soon. 

Covid has also impacted her extracurriculars. On the plus side, she had plenty of time to work on her skills individually during late-summer practices, but she did miss practicing more with her JV team. She hopes to make varsity volleyball and tennis by junior year.

But first things first. After our Facetime, she said it would be time to shower and then watch TV in bed.

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