A Quick Convo With New SGA Prez, William McDaniel

Mary Grace Samp

“I just want to make it the most enjoyable year possible,” he said.

“I wanted to be president because I’ve been at Lovett since kindergarten, and I’ve been able to see what works and what doesn’t work here in the community,” said William McDaniel, our newly elected SGA president. 

He thinks that his approachability will be helpful in his attempts to make things work. He says that he isn’t rude to anybody and that most people like him. He plans to remain open to lots of perspectives and wants to hear both sides before making a decision so that he can take everyone’s needs into account.

He’s certainly looking forward to getting back to campus. “My first goal is to have a good reopening after Coronavirus and help everybody get back into everything” he said. His main goal is to have a good year and to have everybody be happy. He wants to fix things that students want, and he wants to hear out all of the students. 

One thing he’d like to look into is Lovett’s outerwear policy. He said that a lot of people have been asking about wearing outerwear that isn’t Lovett outerwear. “I just want to make it the most enjoyable year possible,” he said.

As for his life outside of Lovett government, William enjoys hanging out with his friends and playing soccer and water polo. “I also play Xbox from time to time,” he laughed. His favorite movie is The Wolf of Wall Street, and he said it without any hesitation. His favorite breakfast cereal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and one of his pet peeves is people that walk slowly. 

Overall, William is a funny guy, and he seems motivated to be a helpful student body president. And if you’re walking along with him, just be sure to keep up!

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