"Why Stop Now?": A Few Senior Athletes Will Keep Playing

Campbell Key

Blaise says he’s going to miss his family and the South, but he’s “looking forward to the challenges ahead both academically and athletically.”

Sadly, we won’t be able to see any of the seniors graduate this year, so I figured I would write an article on some of the seniors that signed with colleges to compete! After two months of canceled seasons, it’s the right time to celebrate Lovett athletes.

Blaise Achecar, who signed to swim for Seattle University next year, has been swimming since seventh grade and says that he just loves “swimming and pushing” himself, and knew that “swimming in college would be the hardest challenge” for him. 

He’s loved going to UGA every year with the Lovett team and has made some of his best memories there. No matter where they are competing, he enjoys being able to “relax and bond outside of the pool.” 

In middle school, he only started because he thought it would be a good way to stay in shape, but when the workouts got harder in high school, he became more competitive and learned to love the sport. 

He says he’s going to miss his family and the South, but he’s “looking forward to the challenges ahead both academically and athletically.” 

Penny King signed to Colby college for cross country.“Running is a big part of my life,” she says, “and losing that in college would be really weird to me.” She also loves her team and would be sad to be without one. 

Running is also something that I'll probably do my whole life, so why stop now if I'm able to continue?” she says. Some of her favorite memories from running were breaking the 20-minute mark in the 5K and the trip to Cary, NC this year. 

She started running in seventh grade because her grandparents had coached cross country at Lovett, so she knew that was something she always wanted to do when she got the chance.

She says that she’s “definitely going to miss the team the most in college,” as she loved getting to know everyone and being a captain. She’s sad she won’t be coming back. “They’ve made running xc really special,” she says. 

Clyde Brensaham signed to play lacrosse at Denison University. Clyde has been playing since he was in third grade and wanted to start because he enjoyed being able to run and get really involved in the game. 

He says he’s going to miss playing for Coach Buczek and his other coaches when he goes to college, and one of his favorite memories was in his junior year when they beat Lambert, an undefeated team. 

Even though we weren’t able to give our seniors a nice send-off this year, I hope they had a fun graduation ceremony in the comfort of their own home and are excited to go to college next year, whether or not they will be playing a sport. So many Lovett athletes have put in so many hours to strive for excellence and victories, which is why we should wish these select seniors the best as they take their passion to the college level. 

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