Time To Spare For Good

Campbell Key

Jordan Knotts said that she raises money to send kids to YMCA’s Camp High Harbor and thought selling jewelry would be the perfect way! 

We now have a lot more free time on our hands, so some people have picked up new hobbies and businesses with it. But don’t feel like you have to have started something new during this time! Staying motivated and keeping in a routine is hard, so reward yourself for the little things!

Ms. Hua has graciously donated money as her “family and friends are blessed to be safe, healthy, and employed.” She said she had been asked to donate from friends and family, and she wanted to donate as she wanted to help the community during this difficult time. 

She said she especially felt the need to donate when some family members lost their home due to a tornado in North Carolina especially as this is a time where there is a high demand for shelter. 

She had donated to Our House, Inc., a Go Fund Me for a tornado disaster relief, Y Champions to support Ms. Stacia McFadden’s efforts, and the Atlanta Community Food Bank through Lovett’s senior SGA fundraiser. 

Jordan Knotts is a senior here at Lovett and has used her extra time to start a very successful bracelet business. She said that she raises money to send kids to YMCA’s Camp High Harbor and thought this would be the perfect way! 

She said she did this in middle school and decided that this would be the perfect thing to do as she could write good reminders during this stressful time. She also loves these bracelets as you can wear them virtually anywhere. 

She said that she was able to grow her business so much from people sharing her creations on their Instagram stories, and she had some people she is going to TCU with share on theirs, so she now has orders coming from all over! She said that it’s hard for her to even keep up with all the orders!

It takes her around seven minutes per beaded bracelet, but on a good day she said she can get around twenty-five finished. She says her favorite ones to make are the ones with messages on them. 

She also wants to tell people wanting to start their own business that it’s not impossible to be successful! She says, for her, it was really important to be active on Instagram, posting a lot, especially on her stories. She said it was also helpful for her to drop her shipping/ drop off costs. 

But, she said following moms was also really helpful as a lot of them want to buy small gifts for their daughters!

Caki and Hailey Staton raised around $1,500 for Piedmont hospital! They raised this money by selling baked goods, as Hailey really loves baking, and they wanted to donate all the money to a charity, especially because they have a lot of free time now. 

To do this, Hailey and Caki created her own baking account (@_haileybakes) and had their mom post about it on Facebook to get her name out there. Hailey baked all of the orders while Caki dropped all the goods off. 

So, if you are really bored during this quarantine, picking up a hobby or starting a side business is a good way to keep yourself busy and keep your mind focused on positive things. And, if you do raise money, local organizations would love the help, even if it’s only a couple of dollars, during this hard time! 

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