People of Passion and Purpose

Written by Chelle Wabrek, Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs
Happy Friday!  

In his book, In Praise of America’s Teachers, Richard DuFour notes:

“No one person has enough energy, influence, or expertise to lead on his or her own.  You have to have a guiding coalition of leaders working hand in hand with the head, shaping practices and then look for ways of expanding leadership outward. Leadership isn't reserved for an elite few who hold the scepter of power… is for people of passion and purpose.” 

And I am so happy that I work with those people! All of you!

Yesterday the Education and Student Life Committee of the board met.  They are a dedicated group, invested in Lovett’s future, always looking for ways to cheerlead for the amazing teaching and learning that takes place in your classrooms.  It was appropriate that this meeting was held during Lovett’s Teacher Appreciation week because the entire meeting was a celebration of you.  They were wowed by your work and the way your pivot to a digital platform communicates so clearly who Lovett is. 

One of the most compelling images shared was one put together by Stacia highlighting the tips that you have shared with each other since we pivoted to our virtual format. And these are just the ones she could squeeze onto the slide!  There are more!

Thank you for sharing your tips with each other so that you might be the authors of one another’s success!

Thank you for finding moments that push our students to reflect and listen to the quiet. Ellington and Wind Ensemble students watched Dame Evelyn Glennie’s Ted Talk, in which the world-renowned, deaf, multi-instrumentalist and percussionist  discusses and demonstrates how to truly listen. 

Students compiled a list of the sounds that they have missed from Lovett, but also their favorite (“the sound that bikers make when they are pedalling really fast and pass me when I am walking in my neighborhood”) and least favorite (“people complaining”) sounds from the pandemic, as well as things that they hear that other people don’t hear (“myself tapping a beat very quietly on the table”). What an opportunity for our students to slow down and look inward.  

Thank you for seeking out ways to honor multiple voices.  Whether it is a small group discussing a novel……..

…..or individual voices attempting to communicate their nuanced understanding of a world language…...

..our students are known. A common greeting in Zulu is the word “Sawubona” which means, “we see you,” and not in the literal sense, but in the sense of being known and valued (Have you seen
Roche Mamabolo on this?).

Thank you for valuing choice and agency in the lives of our students, especially at a time when they are experiencing a systemic lack of control.

Our third graders continued their signature research projects on some of our world changers, choosing their subjects as well as the ways they communicated their work! It was a creative outlet that allowed students to enact knowledge and exercise some control of their own learning. 

Thank you for making fun for kids in so many ways.  Jamboard pictionary anyone?  

It created some much needed smiles for a group of students eager to interact with each other. 
Thank you for making kids hop up and move. 

Knowing that physical activity increases brain activity.

As Marc Frankel, our second Lovett Learns speaker, noted on Wednesday, you are a people who are using “this moment to make education more meaningful for kids.” Thank you!

Click to hear Marc’s full remarks about
“The Next Normal”.  Next week Glenn Whitman from the Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning joins us to talk about the brain science connected to Motivation (Thursday, April 30, 3:30 p.m.). 

While this was a supremely unique teacher appreciation week, I hear repeatedly how thankful our parents are for each of you. You continue to show up, a steady and inspirational presence in the lives of students.  You show up for each other, sharing ideas, creating laughter and championing one another. You are a tremendous blessing to Lovett, as duFour says, “people of passion and purpose,” sharing the load of leadership in such powerful ways.

With gratitude, 

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