Voting With Ms. Vernon

Kaitlyn Garrett

She emphasized that she has a deep connection with the current senior class, calling them “kind...civically engaged…. loving/caring about each other.” 

Fun Fact: My introduction to Ms. Vernon, who was a new Lovett science teacher back in August, 2016,  was one of the very first articles I wrote for the Newspaper freshman year. Right from the start, I deeply admired Ms. Vernon’s strong character, charming personality, and bright spirit. This spring, she took this attitude to almost every single one of the senior advisors to ask seniors if they registered to vote or if they needed assistance registering.
This idea started this summer as she realized that her seniors (she’s a senior advisor)  would be turning 18 this year. She figured that her gift to them would be helping them to register to vote. Originally, this started off just intended for her advisory, but then other students, and advisors like Ms. Switzer, showed interest. There also was a Green Team voter registration drive to motivate other students to vote where Miss Switzer and Miss Swather jumped on board to help.
She also visited Mr. Jewell’s AP Government class to learn more about American government and systems. 
Mrs. Vernon says that in total, she believes she helped about 75-100 students register to vote.
Furthermore, her actions were also motivated by her closeness to the class of 2020. “This particular senior class is very, very special to me. You guys are the seniors that I came in with.” She emphasized that she has a deep connection with the current senior class, calling them “kind...civically engaged…. loving/caring about each other.” 
And so she thought, “How can I do something special for this particular class.”She says she wanted to provide Lovett students with something that she was not provided with.. 
So, how exactly does the process of registering to vote work? 
Well first, you can register to vote here at the following link if you are over 17 1/2 . So juniors! You can register!)
It takes about a month to process via paper registration and 2-3 weeks online.
“After you register, give it a couple of weeks and check, make phone calls,” Mrs. Vernon says. 

Mrs. Vernon sees a lot of potential in this generation to be game-changers in the world around us, since we grew up in a world that was so hyper-connected where we know “what everyone’s doing at all times...  where everyone is... {and} what’s going on all over the world.”
She believes that “Hyper-connectedness does breed some empathy.” And she thinks we are in a unique position where we “don't have to travel and experience the world to empathize with people around the world.” 
Because we know how others are being impacted by decisions being made on our behalf, we should be motivated to voice how we feel about them.

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