#LionsLive! Our Community Connects in Extraordinary Ways

Written by Chelle Wabrek, Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs

ver the last two days I have been able to "drop in" to over 20 classrooms and I am in awe of the way students, families and teachers have risen to the occasion. I found teachers.....
  • Setting expectations, "No Halloween masks in class." (really!)
  • doing one word "check ins" on the chat
  • dancing along to a music video 
  • doing one-on-one conferencing with students
  • drawing the solutions to math problems
  • creating "meet" spaces for small group work
  • setting timers to mark return times
  • doing a physical warm up to get brains in gear
  • walking students through pacing guides for optimal challenge
  • eliciting music request for the "smooth" class playlist and the "energizing" class playlist
  • diving into impromptu department meetings
  • assigning specific roles to individual students in the whole class "meet"
  • using memes for "Lovett Laughs" at the start of class
  • showing video they have made of themselves (Lower School teachers, WOW!) to afford asynchronous learning
  • pointing out clear "wayfinding" on the bulletin board in MyLion
  • troubleshooting tech issues with confidence
I have seen students…..
  • exercising with their PE teacher
  • answering aloud to a teacher’s videotaped (asynchronous) lesson
  • presenting research to the class
  • collaborating with a partner in a Google Meet to complete a data assignment in a Google Sheet
  • making math manipulatives out of elbow noodles
  • taking a virtual walk with an advisory
  • attending virtual class outside
  • recording themselves read picture books to be “delivered” to Lower School students
The warmth and connectivity I saw was amazing and both families, students and teachers in all divisions have emailed to note that things are going remarkably well on their ends.  One mom noted, "I had tears in my eyes seeing all of the Kindergarten teachers hold teddy bear buddies in their videos this morning!"

An email thread between a grade level team read:

Teacher 1:
Hey team!  I hope everyone is having a good first virtual learning day! Please know that if you need anything, let Ty or me know! Feel free to call or text me. Y'all are amazing and all rockstars!

Teacher 2:
The kids were great. What a privilege to be invited into their world.

Teacher 3:
  I'm loving the kids that are popping into tutorial just to say hi and chat.  One student wanted to show off her baby brother. They are so funny.

Teacher 4:
When we return to school, I feel like we will have even closer relationships. So much opportunity for one on one and a greater glimpse into their lives...silver lining:)

We are so thankful to teachers who are prioritizing presence during these first virtual learning days and to families who are extending grace, helping structure their children’s days and exuding patience and care to us and each other.

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