Chinese Musical Instrument Workshop

Written by Betty Hu, Foreign Language Department
On Thursday, January 16, Vicki Lu, a senior at University of Georgia, and Spring Yang, her mother, came to Lovett to teach upper school Chinese classes about traditional Chinese instruments

Students learned about Chinese 
instruments, their history, their purpose, and how they are played. In addition, students also listened to Vicki and Mrs. Yang play Chinese folk music. Vicki, who is skilled in several instruments, and Mrs. Yang demonstrated the dizi (bamboo flute), guzheng (zither), erhu (two-string fiddle), hulusi (cucurbit flute), and xun (egg-shaped instrument).

After the lecture and demonstration, Vicki helped students learn how to play “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” on the guzheng while Mrs. Yang taught students these songs on the erhu. Towards the end, some students could even play these songs on their own!

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