Lights! Camera! ACTION!

Written by Michelle Pope
The Lovett Network team goes live from the sidelines

If you’ve attended a varsity football game on the Riverbank recently, you may have noticed something new this season: student sideline reporters and camera operators. These Upper School broadcasters are part of the Lovett Network, a student-run telecast that livestreams home and away football games every week.

On its fourth year of livestreaming a video production, The Lovett Network actually began life fifteen years ago as a radio broadcast. Longtime “Voice of the Lovett Network” play-by-play caller Richard Gerakitis ‘74 and color commentator Ward Jones ‘90 were joined in the fall of 2016 by the first student production members to help launch the video version. As of this August, the Lovett Network boasts a crew of 10 students.

In addition to the sideline crew, the network has added several other exciting elements to the telecast, including instant replays, two more cameras, and live halftime interviews; all are student-run and produced with the help of Lovett parent Jim Claussen, John Gerakitis ‘09, and Michelle Pope.

The student staff of the Lovett Network include production crew members Alec Cauwenberghs ‘23, Bennett Cauwenberghs ‘23, Avi Daftari ‘23, Tyler Lamberson ‘23, and Jordyn Siegel ‘22; reporters Katie Fryberger ‘23, Madison Peavy ‘21, and Grace Schneider ‘23; and statisticians Brandon Holmes ‘22 and Lily Siegel ‘20.

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