Ninth Graders Pledge to Honor the Code

Written by Shelly Anderson, Dean of Students - 9th Grade
The Class of 2023 Put Their Names to the Lovett Honor Code at Special Ceremony.

“On our honor, we agree to abide by and uphold The Lovett School Honor Code:  A Lovett student will not lie. A Lovett student will not steal. A Lovett student will not cheat.  A Lovett student will not plagiarize.” On Friday, August 30, 2019, the Class of 2023 signed our Honor Code board.  The assembly and ceremony included Head of School Meredyth Cole and keynote speaker, Upper School English teacher Reid Hamilton, who talked to our newest Upper School students about the importance of honor at Lovett and what it means to our community and beyond.   

Mrs. Cole spoke about her experiences in high school and wondered what it would have been like if she had not tried so hard to fit in.  She believes that we all have our own inner guidance system which consists of our personal integrity. “We just need to pay attention to it,” she said.

Mr. Hamilton wondered why in the world HE was asked to talk about Lovett’s honor code.  Yes, he had served on numerous honor councils in high school and college, but what insights would he be able to offer to the Lovett community?  We soon found out he was a perfect choice to talk to us about what it means to be honorable. He said, “Honor, though it seems like a big word that should be used in conversations about Beowulf, is actually a very normal, every-day occurrence that is lived out one decision at a time.”  He also said that, “almost no one will care 10-15 years from now what you remember about mitosis vs. meiosis, what you remember about the final act of Othello, or how to find the derivative of a function.  What is important, and will continue to be, is how you perceive yourself and the honesty and integrity you possess.”  

A new tradition started last year when the Class of 2022 signed the Lovett Honor Code and pledged to uphold it.  The framed signing is currently hanging just outside the upper school office. And now we will be hanging the Class of 2023 board next to it.  We hope to continue this tradition each year.


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