Doing Data Right

Lower School Librarian Jennifer Northrup teaches students how academic research shouldn’t start (or end!) with Google...and uses a fun project to pique their interest. In a recent piece on the website of MISBO, an association of 340 schools throughout the United States, she shared four steps for encouraging Lovett’s youngest learners to use databases developed specifically for their age groups: 

Step 1: Trying something new
Jennifer knows that students naturally "Google" because they hear it so much in their daily lives, so she aims to help them understand the benefit of learning to use our databases: more targeted (and reading-level appropriate) results versus an overwhelming number of Google responses.

Step 2: Finding the right research tool      
Jennifer guides students in selecting the right resource from a number of different subscription databases available to students.

Step 3: Modeling good database use
Jennifer’s third-grade students investigate a mysterious place using Lovett’s subscription databases, learning from her example how to record the most important research for an assignment.

Step 4: Learning by doing
Jennifer’s third graders use Bloxels to convert their age-appropriate research results into a video game about their mysterious place. 

To read the full piece for MISBO, written by FactCite’s Susan Gall, please click here

- Written by Courtney Fowler

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