The Fun and Frustrations of Freshman PDC

Campbell Key
“It’s been a thing for so long, and everybody goes.” 

After a year of anticipation (maybe more for some people), freshman PDC had finally arrived. Despite the people who told me that PDC wasn’t that much fun, I had a great time! But, not everyone felt the way I did.

Leading up to the dance, I spoke to some freshmen to find out what they were thinking about Libba White’s extravaganza finally arriving.

Okay, so most (but not all) of the people I interviewed were excited about the picture parties, and for the girls, they were excited to get dressed up for the dance. But, for the actual dance, no one was really that excited for it.

Meghan O’Shaughnessy said she was going because “it’s been a thing for so long, and everybody goes,” which I think was why most people were excited about the dance. I personally don’t think anyone goes to PDC for the actual dance, but I didn’t get everyone’s opinion.

Hailey Savage said she was really excited, but she wasn’t sure how much fun it was going to be.

Still, everyone gets to see their friends from different schools and hang out with people at Lovett outside of school. Carter Eckardt wanted to go because “it’s a chance to be with all of my friends in a fun atmosphere.”

A girl who requested to remain anonymous said that the dance doesn’t sit well with her. While she was “excited to get ready and everything” and see her friends from other schools, she doesn’t like the dance because “it’s really southern, a white privilege, and it discriminates against gay people.”

One girl who wasn’t going to PDC said she didn’t want to go because she would be getting back from Disney the same day and thought it would be “too much of a hassle to get my hair and makeup done.” She said that it’s “not very important to me. It’s just a dance,” and the person she wanted to ask had already gotten asked which definitely didn’t help.

As for the boys, one freshman boy who requested to remain anonymous told me that he “got tricked into going to the dance,” and was not excited about going. A friend told him that he didn't have to go to the picture party and that he didn’t have to dance. However, after he said yes to going to the dance, his friend said it would be rude not to participate. Ultimately, he said that he was fine with getting his picture taken, but he didn’t want it posted on social media (the girl who took him still posted pictures with an emoji over his face.)

However, there were boys that actually wanted to go to PDC. Joey Bovari wanted to go to PDC because he thought it was going to be fun, and he was excited to hang out with everyone in our grade. He was very nervous he wasn’t going to get asked and was really glad that he was. He was also excited to be going with the girl that asked him!

Once the day of the dance finally arrived, most of the girls enjoyed getting ready and found it to be a low-stress affair, but it was a little tricky for the people coming back from Disney, especially if they were on the late bus. Riley Mackinson was really worried if her date would get back in time for the picture party. As for the actual dance, Riley said: “It was better than I expected for the most part.” But, her date had a girlfriend so that was kind of awkward for her.

An anonymous girl said that PDC was pretty awkward for her. It all started at the picture party when her date awkwardly put the corsage on her wrist, and she didn't know how to put a boutonniere on, so he tried to put it on himself which didn’t go well, so luckily, someone’s mom helped him put it on.

They didn’t talk the whole car ride to the dance which just sounds very awkward. Apparently, they only said five words to each other the whole dance according to the girl.They didn’t really hang out together at the dance, but she said despite all of this she had a good time at the dance.

Sadler Stukes said that PDC was what he expected and that he had a good time. His date wasn’t awkward and he was glad that she asked him. He also wants to go next year if anyone will ask him.

Finally, Heyward Bost said that PDC was really fun, and the people crowd surfing just made it that much better. She enjoyed getting ready together with her friends and found the whole experience “pretty chill.”

Clearly, people’s experiences at PDC varied a lot. Some people had a good time, some people thought it was awkward, and some people thought it was just meh with not very good food.

My own takeaway? Ask someone you know you will have a good time with and it will be fun. Also, if you are reading this and haven't been to PDC yet, don’t plan your date a year in advance (in other words, don’t ask Sadler Stukes just yet). I promise things are going to change, and that boyfriend of yours might not be your boyfriend by the time next year rolls around. I know at least three people who broke up and had to go to PDC together.

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