73 Questions (OK, 63) With Madison Thompson

Kaitlyn Garrett

Q: What do you do to prepare for a theatre production right before going on? A: Usually before I go on, I’ll vocally warm up which means making weird noises in a bathroom by myself.

One of my ultimate guilty pleasures is Vogue’s 73 questions celebrity interviews. I watch them obsessively at any time or place; in fact, I was sitting in Newspaper class watching Hailey BIEBER's interview when I thought to myself, “Wow, it would be so cool to get to interview someone famous like this.”
And then I had another thought as I looked around Room 211, and I found her.
I did know someone famous, or who was at least someday going to be famous and plastered on billboards all around Hollywood: Madison Thompson.
A perfect candidate.
Normally, the 73 question interviews are on camera, but seeing as that I am not tech savvy, this was kind of knocked out. Also, obviously normally 73 questions are asked to the celebrities, but we’re in a space crunch so instead we’re going to do 63.
So, for the first time in history, we have a WRITTEN 73 (63) question interview with rising star Madison Thompson.
The questions include my favorite ones asked in previous Vogue 73 Questions interviews and also ones that I came up with.  
I hope you enjoy reading Ms. Thompsons’s answers almost as much as I did asking them.
Q: What’s your favorite food
A: The chocolate molten lava cake from a restaurant in California with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and strawberries!
Q: Do you have a secret talent
A: I can sing with my mouth closed. (She did this in class.)
Q: What do you do to prepare for a theatre production right before going on?
A: Usually before I go on, I’ll vocally warm up which means making weird noises in a bathroom by myself.
Q: What’s your favorite beverage
A: Water
Q: What do you order from chick-fil-a?
A: A kids six count nugget meal, the diet lemonade, and an ice dream in a cone.

Q: What’s one thing you still have from your childhood?
A: I have all the books I read.
Q: Who’s your favorite teacher

A: I’ve had two favorite teachers throughout my time at Lovett, one is Mr. Newman, he was my 10th grade honors English teacher and my senior year Newspaper teacher. Throughout my entire life, I’ve struggled a lot with writing and grammar; I was diagnosed with dyslexia at a very young age, so I’d always struggled with writing. I came into his class, and he really helped boost my confidence when it came to being creative and really taking writing assignments by the horns and taking what my talents were and applying them to my writing.
My other favorite teacher is Miss Pitchford who is the musical theatre teacher at Lovett. She’s been like a mom to me; she’s so kind and so inspiring and has been a really great role model as a woman who does performing arts. She’s taught me so much about myself, about working hard in a production, and using my creativity in whatever role I take on
Q: What’s your favorite TV show of all time
A: Will and Grace, but I do have to put the disclaimer that I’m in the process of watching it, so I have not watched the entirety of it but I’m about halfway through.
Q: What’s your dream career?
A: My dream career would pretty much be the career that Reese Witherspoon has, to be a famous actress but also to start a production company that focused their movies or tv shows on giving roles specifically to women and minorities.
Q: What’s the one thing you could never live without?
A: Chocolate. In any form, whether it be a candy bar or chocolate cake or pudding... anything that has chocolate in it!
Q: One fashion trend you hope will never ever come back?
A: My mom would make me wear scarves... not with the purpose of actually being warm but just very neon colored scarves. That’s a fashion trend I hope I never wear again.
Q: What’s your favorite way to exercise?
A: My favorite type of exercise would probably be yoga or dance. I like to work out in something else that’s like disguised as exercising.
Q: What’s your spirit animal?
A: Probably a koala bear… a lot of people say I have a very fluffy personality and that I’m slow moving and sleepy all the time. I think koalas carry their babies for like ever, but I don’t really know enough about koalas to really talk about them, but I’m very protective of my friends and stuff.
Q: Who do you look up to most?  
A: Definitely my parents they’ve taught me so much. They’ve taught me about perseverance and following your dreams and they’ve been so supportive of me, and they’ve really taught me how to be the best Madison I can be, but also how to support others.
Q: What’s your biggest pet peeve?
A: Whenever there’s a meal ready or she wants me to come downstairs, my mom will scream my name really loudly from the other side of the house. It’s something my whole family does, and we’ve kind of made a joke out of it by now.

Q: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received from your mom?
A: Definitely to be myself
Q: What advice would you give to your middle school self?
A: To listen to my mom, especially about that being myself. I think I’d say be yourself because everything’s going to work out the way it needs to work out.
Q: What’s the silliest name ever given to you?  
A: My dad’s nickname for me Is cricket because I used to make chirping noises as a child
Q: What fictional character would you want to spend a day with?
A: Probably Hermione Granger
Q: What was your first concert?
A: Justin Bieber
Q: If your life was a song title, what would it be?
A: “We’ll make it there” or something like that.
Q: What actor/ actress would you love to act with?
A:  Meryl Streep
Q: What’s your favorite word?
A: I love saying the word factious, that’s my favorite go to smart word.
Q: What scares you the most?
A: Cockroaches
Q: What angers you the most?
A: People who don’t listen
Q: Who makes you laugh the most?
A: My best friend Lily
Q: Favorite kind of water?
A: I grew up on Fiji.
Q: What do you look for a guy?
A: Someone who pushes me outside my comfort zone.
Q: Favorite scene from Footloose?
A: My favorite scene is the first time Red and Ariel have their own moment together, when she takes him up to scream at the train.
Q: Hardest thing you’ve ever had to do for a role?
A: When I was shooting NCIS New Orleans I was playing a Russian spy and I had to do stunts for my role. I had to go to a couple of combat lessons to learn how to smash a lamp over someone’s head because I obviously had to do it with a real person and not a dummy. I had to learn how to do it in a safe manner that wouldn’t injure me or the other person but would also look realistic.
Q: What’s your middle name?
A: Ingraham
Q: Do you have any siblings?
A: I have a little sister named Kate who’s in ninth grade at Lovett
Q: Do you have any pets?
A: Yes, I have two dogs one named Virginia she’s 11, and I have another puppy named Dot and she’s 5.
Q: What time do you wake up in the morning?
A: I live really close to Lovett so I get out of my bed at 7:20
Q: What’s your dream car?
A: A black range rover sport with red accents
Q: Happiest moment of your life?
A: Probably when I booked my first big role which was on Major Crimes, a show on TNT. I had been working for three months and living in LA with my best friend and her mom. It was when all the hard work had finally paid off, and I’m so grateful to be able to share that with her. My best friend was the one who told me that I got it.
Q: Favorite vacation?
A: Italy! We got to do a bunch of cooking lessons to learn how to make Italian food.
Q: Who’s the most impressive person in the world?
A: Reese Witherspoon… she’s on the forefront for women’s equality and she’s a person who values education and is a really talented actress.
Q:  Favorite Broadway play?
A: It changes by the day but right now it’s Tina Fey’s Mean Girls! The show has 5+ female leads and it has been very inspiring to watch as a young female performer.
Q: Favorite Shade of blue?
A: Cerulean
Q: Favorite way to relax?
A: Eating a big pasta dinner while watching SMASH.
Q: Most embarrassing moment of your life?
A: Messing up a cue in island Song, and my mic was one so everyone heard me trying to change my costume.
Q: How would you describe your personal style?
A: Preppy meets New York winter.
Q: What’s something you don’t go a day without wearing?
A: My Tiffany’s bracelet from Charlie.
Q: Favorite thing to order in the café?
A: Whoppers
Q: Must have beauty products?
Q: Most used emoji?
A: The cat with the heart eyes!
Q: What was the first thing you thought of when your alarm went off this morning?
A: How long can I keep sleeping before my mom yells at me. Answer: 13 minutes.
Q: Weirdest app on your phone?
A: White Noise App. I grew up in New York City, so I can’t fall asleep without some kind of noise. I sleep with a white noise machine on in my room but when I’m traveling I use my app or else I’m literally incapable of falling asleep.
Q: What words do you live by?
A: “But through it all, when there was a doubt I ate it up and spit it out. I faced it all and I stood tall and did it my way,” Frank Sinatra
Q: What’s your ultimate goal in life?
A: To crest a production company focused on creating roles in front of and behind the camera for women and minorities.
Q: What is your current obsession?
A: Pants with heels.
Q: What’s something everyone needs to read right now?
A: Bossy Pants by Tina Fey
Q: What decade do you wish you could live in?
A: The Victorian Era
Q: What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?
A: I’m still waiting to do it.
Q: Window or aisle seat?
A: Window seat so I can shut the window.
Q: Where could you see yourself living?
A: In my bed… for the rest of my life.
Q: Most unexpected thing that’s ever happened to you?
A: Getting into USC early as a nominee for the presidential scholarship
Q: Favorite class you’ve taken at Lovett?
A: AP Euro, it changed my habits and pushed my abilities as a student.
Q: Favorite nail color?
A: French
Q: Inside or outside?
A: Inside
Q: Favorite article of clothing?
A: My brown fuzzy jacket deemed by my mother as the “wet dog” jacket because I have worn it so many times it looks like a wet dog.
Q: Favorite position to sit in chair?
A: I set in a fetal position in almost all chairs. This is why I wear leggings to school every day because I don’t want to flash anyone.
If you’ve read this entire article, wow kudos to you I’m genuinely impressed. I’d like to say that I’ve concluded why 73 question interviews happen over the camera instead of the paper… it took me an hour and a half just to transcribe this interview. But now we all know the inside details to Madison Ingraham Thompson’s life.

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