#NeverAgain Design Challenge

The 7th grade hallway in the Middle School has a different feel this week. Desks and chairs in the humanities and social studies classrooms have been pushed to the side and replaced with immersive exhibits that tell the story of genocides in Cambodia, Armenia, Rwanda, Darfur, and Bosnia.

Earlier this fall, 7th graders visited the National Holocaust Museum on the annual trip to Washington, DC. Upon their return, they began a multi-week study of genocide in the social studies classroom. Simultaneously, they built their research, writing, and storytelling skills in English class. These threads came together for two weeks in November, as students worked in collaborative groups, each charged with creating an experience which would memorialize and tell the story of a modern genocide, in order to raise public awareness and help ensure that it never happens again. While the exhibits invite quiet contemplation and remembrance, each group also prepared an audio tour to provide additional information.

Consistent with Lovett’s Vision for Learning, the project required students to think critically, communicate effectively, collaborate purposefully, and solve problems creatively. The pictures in the gallery to the right offer a glimpse into one of the exhibits, which focuses on the Rwandan genocide.

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