Education on the Road

Written by Maria Madden, Dean of Students (Girls)
Each fall, we welcome sixth grade students to the Middle School; some are new to Lovett, and all are new to the Portman Family Middle School. The sixth-grade trip to Chattanooga provides an opportunity for these students to bond as a class and get to know each other a little more fully.  Teachers have also expressed how much they enjoy time with students away from campus. Each spring, when we ask sixth-grade students for their favorite memory of the year, we consistently hear, “Chattanooga!”

This year’s trip to Chattanooga was packed full of duck-boat riding, Ruby Falls cave exploring, carousel riding, and playing on the fields at Point Park after a pizza dinner and dance party in the pavilion. The class and chaperones happened to travel to Chattanooga on the day of a major water-main break in the area, and the students were flexible, positive, and understanding as they maneuvered through challenges outside of the team’s control!

Just last week, our seventh grade embarked on a three-day trip to our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. Blessed with excellent weather, the group took full advantage of the opportunity to learn something new at each museum and monument that they visited. The seventh-grade Global Issues teachers built in time for reflection, and students were asked to record their thoughts on something particularly poignant at either the African American History and Culture Museum or the Holocaust Museum.

The itinerary (a full one with lots of walking!) included visits to:
  • Lincoln Memorial
  • Korea, Vietnam, and World War II Memorials
  • Air Force and Marine Corps Memorials
  • FDR and MLK Memorials
  • Smithsonian Museum of American History
  • Photo opportunities in front of The White House
  • A tour of the Capitol building
  • Washington Nationals game
We consider our class trips to be a hallmark experience for our Lovett Middle School students.  We are grateful to the parents for entrusting us with their children and also grateful for our Middle School faculty members for guiding our students through this piece of their Lovett educational journey.
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