Lovett Students Check Out Bestselling Author, Stuart Gibbs

Written by Robyn Martin
Nearly 400 Lovett students in grades 4 - 8 had the opportunity to hear one of the most popular authors writing today: Stuart Gibbs. Author of several series for middle grade students (Spy School, FunJungle, Moon Base Alpha and The Last Musketeer), Mr. Gibbs came to Lovett September 17 to celebrate the launch of his latest book - and the first in a new series - Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation.

When explaining how he gets his ideas, Gibbs said they come from everywhere: real–life experiences (FunJungle is based on his background as a field biologist), people he knows (his best friend is an astronaut), and even movies (his first spy story was written after he saw his first James Bond movie – when he was twelve!). 

Gibbs knew he wanted to be an author when he was still in elementary school, but, as he told our students, it’s hard work. He told them he writes his first draft and then he’ll revise it between 8-10 times. Gibbs told his audiences that he wrote Charlie’s story because he wanted everyone to know that it is okay to be smart; it’s a superpower!

Students had a chance to ask their own questions, too. And while Gibbs says he doesn’t have a favorite book from his own work, he did say that the best book he ever read was The Westing Game, by Ellen Raskin. Check it out!
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