Lovett’s Chicken Coop Program has Returned!

Written by Katie Vernon
Earlier this month, eight baby chicks arrived to make their new home in the Lovett chicken coop, which is located behind the Lower School. The chickens, whose breeds were selected based on hardiness and mild temperament, are expected to start laying eggs early in the spring semester. 

Research shows that caring for chickens encourages discipline, independence, love for nature, compassion, curiosity, and so much more. Accordingly, the "Coop Committee" (Carla Civita Garcia, Katherine Schneider, Tonya Burchette, Jennifer Murphy, Jennifer King, Jim Crowley, Nancy Cruz, Vicki Green, and Katie Vernon) have been working to integrate chickens into the Lovett community and classrooms from K-12.  

Various groups on campus, including classes, advisory groups, administrators, and clubs, have already signed up for week-long shifts of coop care, during which they take responsibility for feeding and watering the chickens. 

We look forward to getting to know Lovett’s newest feathered residents and have plans to install a "coop cam," which will allow your child (or anyone) to observe the chickens 24/7. Stay tuned for more information!
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