Atlanta Celebrates Photography Exhibition

Written by Lindsey Wohlfrom
Partnering with Atlanta Celebrates Photography*, Lovett will host Animalia: Photographs by Henry Horenstein and Anne Berry from September 10 to October 25 in the Visual Arts Galleria.

Over the last five years, Lovett has found ways to connect sustainability with creativity and Lovett's Fine Arts Department. The Animalia exhibit represents a continuation of the partnership between creativity, classroom, and educating our community with the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind to create a flourishing world. Art evokes emotional responses and facilitates the development of empathy. This exhibit, focusing on animals, invites our community to seriously consider our relationships with and responsibilities to the other species who share this planet.
"Faculty in every division are finding ways to incorporate the Year of the Endangered Species theme," said Sandra Switzer, Director of Sustainability. "Faculty are expanding student understanding of sustainability by exploring the interconnections between ecological, social, and economic systems. In addition to learning about endangered species in our science classrooms, students are also learning about the cost of species loss in Alex Douglas' AP MacroEconomics class. Kelly Lecceardone's English students are exploring the dynamics of economic pressures, social justice, and species loss. Art students will be creating portraits of endangered animals. The Middle School Green Team students are creating a video each month to share during morning assemblies, Angela Mitchell's Spanish classes are learning about the unique challenges of species loss in Spanish speaking countries. Jim Crowley is incorporating a project called "Faces of Loss," in which students do a deep dive into a particular endangered species so they can educate others. Our teachers are creatively finding ways to educate students with the skills, content knowledge, and character traits necessary for preserving biodiversity and creating a flourishing world."  
Animalia is sponsored by the Henagan Family Sustainability Fund in support of sustainability education at Lovett, and our very own Anne Jarrell Berry '74 is one of the featured artists. An opening reception will be held on Thursday, September 26, from 6 - 8:15 p.m., where guests can view the exhibition and enjoy an Artists' Talk in the Hendrix-Chenault Theater. Animalia will be open to the public Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

*Atlanta Celebrates Photography is a non-profit organization "dedicated to the cultivation of the photographic arts and the enrichment of the Atlanta art community." The Atlanta Celebrates Photography Festival is an annual, citywide event celebrated each October through a variety of exhibitions and events geared towards bringing together professional and amateur photographers, critics, collectors, art enthusiasts and gallery owners.
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