Middle School "Seniors" Learn to Lead

Written by Caroline Rollins
Meredyth Cole and Lovett's new Assistant Head of Academics, Chelle Wabrek, helped eighth graders frame their leadership presence and set goals for this important year.

Joined by Middle School Deans Maria Madden and Joseph Moody, they kicked things off by sharing thoughts on the characteristics of effective leaders within the context of their own heroes, which included family members, Oprah Winfrey and educator Brene Brown.

Following the presentation, the eighth graders broke up into groups to brainstorm the characteristics of leadership. Activities included games designed to test and strengthen each student’s ability to direct his or her group through various tasks.

"Leadership Day is a special part of the eighth grade experience, as it sets the tone for the year by helping them learn valuable leadership skills and explore their own leadership styles," says Maria Madden, Middle School Dean of Student Life. "The day also allows time for students to get to know themselves and each other better through reflection and interaction."

- Written by Caroline Rollins
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