• Hill House Horrors

    Campbell Key

    Every time I turned out the lights I thought something was out to get me. 
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  • Where Are They Now: Lovett Exchange Students

    Camille Summers

    It’s been a while, but it was interesting to see what they remembered, and what stuck out to them.
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  • 2019 Spring Uniform Sale!

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  • Collaborative Spanish Service Project

    In a multi-division collaboration, third, fourth, eighth, and ninth-grade Spanish students created personalized Easter baskets, with handwritten notes in Spanish, for students that attend El Centro Catolico for tutoring in the afternoons. El Centro Catolico is part of an organization called LaAmistad, which is “the premier organization serving Latinos in Atlanta.” The Lovett students and Spanish teachers will deliver baskets directly to the El Centro Catolico children before the Easter holiday!
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  • Register for the 27th annual Run 'n Lovett!

    Run, walk, or push a stroller! Run 'n Lovett welcomes experienced and first-time racers alike. 

    When: Saturday, April 27, 2019 (rain ⛈or shine ☀️)
    2K – 8:30 am
    5K – 9:00 am

    Registration: Click here!

    Who: All members of the Lovett community—current, past, and future! Alumni, students, parents, faculty, and family and friends are all welcome.

    Where: Start and finish at The Lovett School, Kilpatrick Stadium, 4075 Paces Ferry Road, NW, Atlanta, GA 30327

    Proceeds: All proceeds provide need-based support to Lovett students.

    Sponsorship: Contact Starr Pollock, Assistant Director of Alumni Programs, at

    Post Race: All race participants receive a t-shirt!

    Upper School Students: Are you ready to help Kyle Pease Foundation athletes participate in Run ’n Lovett 5K on April 27? Kyle and Brent Pease invite you to sign up today and push their athletes across the finish line.  Here's what you need to know to sign up today: 
    • Details: Plan to arrive no later than 7:25 AM to ensure that they have time to walk you through the chair specifics. This is 90 minutes before the wheelchair portion of the 5K kicks off at 8:55 AM. The Kyle Pease Foundation team will be even earlier to load the athletes into their chairs so they are ready to spend some time with you...their awesome volunteers!
    • To register: (two steps)
      1. First, fill out the 'Helper' form on their website;   (Once you’ve filled out the Helper form, they will add you to their database of volunteers.)
      2. If you would like to sign up to push in additional races around town, visit this page on their website: 
    • A message from Brent Pease, Executive Director: While we aspire to improve the lives of our athletes, we want our volunteers to have a positive, successful experience as well. Kyle and I are very excited about having Lovett Upper School students involved in our mission by helping our athletes through the race. Please don’t hesitate to contact me ( or Kyle Pease ( if you have additional questions

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  • Climate Activist Tim Guinee Clears The Air

    Georgia Norton

    "In order to make any big step forward, we need to start from where we are, so it’s important to understand where exactly that is.”
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  • Taught by Dr. Jane Goodall

    Third grade students in Mrs. Thornton's science class participated in a live Skype session with Dr. Jane Goodall.  She addressed several questions from students via twitter or message and also posed for a photo op. Students have been studying the effects of habit loss and how it affects adaptation in animal species.  Hearing about the research and importance of protecting Chimps from Dr. Goodall, further increased student's knowledge and awareness of the need to protect our natural environment.
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  • The Fun and Frustrations of Freshman PDC

    Campbell Key
    “It’s been a thing for so long, and everybody goes.” 
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  • Baseball Team Rocks Out

    Madison Thompson

    “We thought, there is no way The Rock is on I-75, just sitting there,” Will Seiler, Captain of Lovett’s Varsity Baseball team, told me.
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  • Finding Clownfish: Two Marine Bio Students Make History

    Madison Thompson

    This January, the Marine Bio Lab became the home to one of Lovett’s newest and biggest families, 40 baby clownfish. The adoptive parents of these little fish are seniors Charlie Hicks and Reagan Marshall, both marine biology interns and students in Dr. Reynold’s class.
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  • Footloose Tech Crew Helps Performers Dance In The Air

    Madison Thompson

    This year, twenty students from Lovett’s Tech theater class crewed the big spring production, controlling everything from the sound board to set movements. 
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  • Grueling Swim Practices Bring Success At State

    Georgia Norton

    “Yeah, we sort of never stop swimming,” said Cameron, “but it’s the only way to get better."
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  • Let's Hear It For The Boys and Girls Of Footloose

    Madison Thompson

    “After I do one show, I tend to want to start working on a show that’s completely the opposite, and that was Footloose,” Pitchford says. Not only was the 80’s classic grittier and darker then Peter Pan, but “Footloose is a musical with a lot of meaning,” she explains.
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  • Some Seniors Choose Alternate Sacred Texts For Graduation

    Madison Thompson

    “Just being so familiar with the Constitution will provide me with an…appreciation of the privilege of our basic rights,” Sam King says. “Hopefully, that will be the reason, and not because I’m in any sort of trouble.”
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  • 73 Questions (OK, 63) With Madison Thompson

    Kaitlyn Garrett

    Q: What do you do to prepare for a theatre production right before going on? A: Usually before I go on, I’ll vocally warm up which means making weird noises in a bathroom by myself.
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  • Coffee Talk

    Camille Summers

    “I started drinking coffee in freshman year, I believe. I’ve started drinking more coffee over time; I drink one cup everyday.  My parents drink coffee, so they don’t mind that I do.”
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  • College Counselor Brian Howard Keeps An Open Mind

    Kaitlyn Garrett

    “There’s a lot of support students receive right now and it changes in college and I plan to work in ways to support in that bridge,” he says.
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  • Stevie pictured with House Speaker David Ralston & Rep. Rhonda Burnough

    Student Serves the Georgia House of Representatives

    Freshman Stevie Bracey recently served as a Page for the Georgia House of Representatives where he had the opportunity to learn about state government and how it functions.

    A House Page serves the members by delivering important information and messages into the House Chamber… In addition to performing legislative duties, Pages will be able to observe lawmakers, governmental affairs consultants, staff, and constituents working together in the legislative process. (
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  • Sustainable Bee Garden & Outdoor Classroom

    For his Eagle Scout project, Junior Jonathan Wolle constructed a new observation space for the beehives in Lovett’s organic garden, which is behind the Physical Plant. Upper School Spanish teacher Angela Mitchell shared, “Jonathan did a remarkable job not only for the school, but also for his Eagle Scout project.”
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  • Acceptance, Love and Hope: A Conversation With Founder's Day Speaker Rev. Travis Helms

    Georgia Norton

    "It was [because of] Lovett that I realized I can kind of do anything. I can study poetry, be a preacher if I want; the most important thing is just that I learned to love learning.”
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  • "I'll Get It Done...Later": Dealing With Procrastination

    Campbell Key

    Everyone’s been in this situation: you’re sitting in your room, texting your friend, and then it hits you, and you sink down into your chair. You forgot to write the essay about The Catcher in the Rye your teacher told you about a week ago, and it’s due tomorrow, first period.
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  • Creating Magical Images with Lights & Photography

    "Photography III students programmed their cameras to the slowest possible shutter speed in order to exaggerate the movement of light in these mesmerizing pictures."
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  • Chelle Wabrek Named Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs

    Dear Lovett Community:

    I am delighted to share the news that Chelle Wabrek has accepted our offer to become Lovett’s new Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs and will assume her new role on July 1.
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  • 30-second Me

    "Students created short films comprised of 30, one-second shots which, taken together, tell the story of themselves and the places they frequent. Students wrestled with technical questions: What should I shoot? From what angle? How do I edit shots together? What music should accompany the images?"
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  • The Lower School Learning Tree

    "A Learning Tree mural and art installation now fills a wall in the Lower School ... Through words and images, it captures Lovett’s mission and commitment to learning, character, and community. Over the course of the past seven months, every student in the Lower School has played a role in bringing the tree to life."
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  • Ellington Chosen for GMEA

    Lovett's Ellington Jazz Ensemble was honored by being chosen as the only high school jazz ensemble in the state to perform for the Georgia Music Educator Association's Annual In-State conference on Friday, January 25 in Athens, GA! Below is the Ellington's program for this event.


    The Lovett School is a small coeducational, kindergarten-twelfth grade independent school. Auditions to join the jazz ensemble are open for 9-12 graders at Lovett. In 2013, it became the first performing arts ensemble offered as an Honors class by the school. The Lovett School has placed as a finalist at Essentially Ellington four times and has appeared 5 times at Swing Central Jazz in Savannah, GA. 

    Corner Pocket...........................Freddie Green
    Aaron McFadden, trumpet; Noah Young, vibraphone; Brandon Holmes, tenor; Loren Bass-Sanford, piano

    La llama Azule.....................Bob Washut
    Harrison Rodriguez, trumpet; Loren Bass-Sanford, piano; Noah Young, vibraphone; Andrew Maddock, bari sax; 
    Jonathan Aris, drums; Holden Carson, congas

    Just One of Those Things.....................Cole Porter, arr. Buddy Bregman
    Avery Gipson, vocals

    Blue Ramble..........................Duke Ellington
    Byron Lathi, trombone; Harrison Rodriguez, trumpet

    Optimistic...................Radiohead, arr. Patty Darling 

    Anthropology......................Charlie Parker
    Featuring members of the Lovett Jazz Applied Faculty:
    John Sandfort, tenor saxophone; Rob Opitz, trumpet; Tim Pitchford, trombone; Justin Varnes, drums 

    Black Coffee...................Julie London, arr. Jon Harpin
    Avery Gipson, vocals; Galvin Feroleto, alto sax

    Latin American Sunshine......................Duke Ellington
    Loren Bass-Sanford, piano

    Back Bone.......................Thad Jones, arr. Mike Carubia 
    Byron Lathi, trombone; Galvin Feroleto, alto sax; Loren Bass-Sanford, piano; Harrison Rodriguez, trumpet
    Noah Young, vibraphone; Jonathan Aris, drums

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  • Engineering I Students Explore Architecture

    Engineering I students designed and built their own skyscrapers, applying engineering principles and using what they had learned about types of architectural design in the past and present. Some of the styles studied were Beaux-Arts, Art Deco, Modernism, Brutalism, Postmodernism, Deconstructivism. And Neomodernism.

    Models were built using Strathmore paper and glue. Students started out drawing a plan and elevation of their buildings and tailored their models based on their desired design aesthetic.
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  • Gettin' Paid

    Kaitlyn Garrett
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  • Lovett Football Players Sign to Play at the Collegiate Level

    (Left - Right)
    McLeod Buckham-White  for Columbia University
    KJ Wallace for The University of Notre Dame
    Will Seiler for The University of Pennsylvania
    Nick Jackson for The University of Virginia

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  • Student Spotlight: Joe Sear ‘19

    Every January, Lovett sophomores are invited to apply for one of three diploma distinctions--akin to a college major--in Global Studies, Service & Leadership, or Sustainability. Joe Sear ‘19 is on track to graduate with a distinction in Global Studies, representing five semesters of intentional co-curricular activities, readings, reflections, and classes designed to be perspective-broadening and empathy-building.
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