Middle School Intramurals

The Middle School Intramural Program offers students engaging after-school activities right on Lovett’s campus. Classes run from 3:45-4:45 Monday through Thursday afternoons and are offered at no charge.  

Click Here for Fall II Registrations

2019-20 Fall Session II
October 21 – November 22
Registration for Fall Session II is now open for the following activities (registration deadline is October 18th). Activities for Fall Session II are listed below:

· Advanced Tennis (Mondays) Maximum 20 participants
• Creative Writing (Mondays) Maximum 18 participants
• Boys Soccer (Tuesdays)
• Girls Soccer (Tuesdays)
• Innovation Team (Wednesdays)
• Science Fictionary (Thursdays)
• Girls Lacrosse (Thursdays)
• Boys Lacrosse (Thursdays)
· Dance Intramural *Boys and Girls* (Fridays)
• Wrestling (6th grade only)
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