Terri Crowley: Digital Original entitled “A Mother’s Love”

Value $350
Terri Crowley has a passion for painting horses, pets, and wild animals.  The sister of Lovett parent Trish Gross, Crowley was drawn to horses growing up.  She believes that creativity and vision come from living in a country surrounded by the beautiful abundance of nature and animals.
After graduating with a degree in advertising, Crowley took a job as a full-time graphic artist, which included making product drawings for The North Face. While there, Crowley learned from experimenting with different mediums including producing original digital paintings.
Crowley designs her own brushes, canvas, and color palette – all digitally. Still painting, stroke by stroke using her pen and tablet as her brush and canvas, Crowley creates incredible imagery typically focused on animals, especially horses and dogs.  They are printed on museum quality canvas with the inks lasting well over a hundred years. Crowley’s work has been featured in many magazines including InStride Edition, The Horseman’s News, Show Hub Magazine and many more.
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