Carolyn Killebrew: Mixed Media on Canvas entitled “Abundant Blessing III”

Valued at $1500
Carylon Killebrew was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1948. She moved with her family to Tennessee at an early age and received her first art instruction at Middle Tennessee State University.  Characterized by many as a colorist, she has expanded her subject matter to include interior landscapes and situational figurative studies. Carylon’s desire is to make art that is pure, simply honest, fulfilling and unadorned- art that is an extension of her faith in a creative God.  We are drawn to the exuberance of her subjects and the light, warmth and energy that emanates from each one.
My Boats and Canoes are almost entirely without people. Messiness happens when people come in! These floating images are minimalistic, balanced and have an overall sense of calm. Everything you need in that moment is within that contained area. Trustworthy for your complete surrender. So, viewer, like the bumper sticker reads “Just get in, sit down and shut up.”

My art is a collection of “takes” of images. Life’s moments that stick. Snapshots that bring a slow smile to a memory revisited."
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