Chris Condon: Four Framed Works on Paper

Valued at $800 ($200 each)
Growing up in a small New England town, Chris spent his time constructing things from articles collected on his journeys and forages. From elaborate forts to simple objects, Chris would immerse myself in the process. Plans would be made, pictures drawn, materials gathered. This love of process never left Chris, instead leading Chris to the Rhode Island School of Design where he studied sculpture. His time at RISD along with a year studying stone carving in Italy gave Chris the opportunity to forward his ideas and hone in my skills. 

Chris’ work is often a whimsical take on observations of flora and fauna that inspire him on a daily basis. Whether playful narratives or curious abstractions, Chris hope to ignite the viewers interest and make them more aware of their natural surroundings leading to a deeper appreciation and care to tend and love the land we walk every day.  
Chris has been working and living in Atlanta for over twenty years, creating work for both public and private commissions. 
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