Gregor Turk ’78: Black Hemisphere Bowl

Valued at $1,000

 A self- professed "Topophiliac," Atlanta based artist Gregor Turk has an affection for all things geographic. Through his art he tends to focus on the fundamental qualities of mapping; the mysteriousness, inherent biases, cultural authoritativeness and the ability to simultaneously represent and distort reality. His response to his surroundings, whether in his hometown of Atlanta or while traveling the US/Canadian border, serves as a major impetus for much of what he creates. The Black Hemisphere Bowl, comprised of convoluted layers of rubber, reflects his interest in geography by referencing the undulating contour lines found on topographic maps.
Gregor has permanent public art installations in the International Concourse at the Atlanta Airport and the Jacksonville Airport. His work is included in the JPMorgan Chase Art Collection, High Museum of Art, MOCA-GA and numerous other public and private collections. 
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