Jinous Kani: Painting Floral Reflection

Valued at $1,000

Jinous was born in Tehran, Iran in 1979. She was raised in a middle-class neighborhood in the northern part of Tehran. Her interest in art began in middle school where she would often travel to local galleries for inspiration. Her parents recognized her potential and encouraged her to continue her education in an arts high school where she took Visual Arts classes. 

During this period, Kani developed an interest in abstract and imaginative drawings where she learned to bring her imaginationonto paper. She also spent time sculpting pottery and similar arts to train her imagination and enrich her abstract ideas. After a trip to the United States in 1989, she began to consider leaving Tehran. She studied Graphic Design at Azad University in Tehran, then worked for one of the leading design agencies in Iran before moving to the U.S.

Her primary influences and favorite artists throughout her life are Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt. Her work often explores the interplay between negative and positive space, creating a peaceful and introspective atmosphere.
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