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Our Defining Decade Video
In 2005, The Lovett School launched a strategic planning process to refine the vision for a school defined by a commitment to learning, character, and community.

Thanks to our generous donors and many devoted volunteers, and all of our dedicated staff, families, alumni, and friends, this campaign has exceeded all of its goals! We were able to successfully close out Our Defining Decade: A Campaign for Lovett and complete the $2 Million Community Challenge, both of which ended on June 30, 2015.

By the numbers:
Gifts to Unrestricted/Facilities: $65,322,000 
Gifts to Endowment: $28,642,000 
Total raised: $93,964,000
Total donors: 1,303
Lovett Legacy Society members: 307 members 
Estimated value of Legacy Society members' planned gifts to Lovett: $17,000,000
Now & Forever Society Members: 240

Thank you to everyone who invested in the people, programs, and places that make us who we are, and ensuring that The Lovett School remains strong today, and for decades and generations to come.

Capital Giving: Phase I

  • The Portman Family Middle School 
    The Portman Family Middle School is LEED-Gold certified. This new building provides students with larger, sunnier classrooms; numerous science labs; a multipurpose gathering space; expansive arts and drama facilities; and a green-roof classroom.
  • Athletic Fields
    Lovett’s new baseball and softball complex includes two regulation fields, practice batting cages, locker rooms, permanent seating, restrooms, and concessions. The old fields were converted into a multipurpose artificial turf field named for former Lovett football coach Bill Railey.

  • Community Center
    The old Upper School now has a new name: the Community Center. Former classrooms have been retrofitted as set and scene shops for theater; a dance studio; and classroom and instruction space for visual arts and the Academic Resource Center; and as administrative offices.
  • Fuqua Center—Lower Level
    After the Flood of 2009, the lower level of the Fuqua Center was destroyed. Yet, in repairing the damage, Lovett was able to create new specialized spaces for the Fine Arts, including:
    • Applied Lessons spaces;
    • Friends of the Arts office space;
    • A new orchestra pit lift;
    • Proper storage for theatrical wigs, costume stock, and other apparel for theatrical productions;
    • A full costume shop, including laundry, pattern cutting, and sewing facilities; and
    • A new photo studio and darkroom, for teaching alternative print making and historical techniques of photography and film processing.

Capital Giving: Pase II

  • Assorted Campus Infrastructure Improvements
    With a campus more than 50 years old, updates to the campus infrastructure are needed from time to time to ensure safety, comfort, and reliability. Recent and upcoming improvements include the installation of new lighting, paving, roofing; renovation of existing athletic fields; restoration of the Lovett Pond; and landscaping improvements throughout campus.

  • Dining Hall Renovation
    "The renovated Dining Hall allows us to offer a greater variety of nutritious meals. And, since we can now see—and thank—the folks who prepare those meals, it’s also strengthened our sense of community.” — Billy Peebles, Headmaster

    After 33 years of operation, Lovett’s beloved Circle-Serve was removed in the summer of 2011. And then the entire Dining Hall received a makeover, including new carpet, tile, paint, ceilings, lighting, and windows. The Circle-Serve was replaced with a series of serving stations offering a variety of hot and cold items and beverages. This new set-up allows for more—and more flexible—food offerings than before, and better service for our students and staff.

    Related to the Dining Hall renovation is a new shade structure and seating area on the Middle School patio. Conveniently located just up the stairs from the Dining Hall, the patio provides additional dining capacity for students and staff—and has already served as an impromptu meeting space and outdoor classroom.
  • Rogers & Westmoreland Activity Center
    This multipurpose building, located across from the new Baseball/Softball Complex, serves two major purposes: much-needed meeting space for small- to medium-sized gatherings and a home for Lovett’s very vibrant Scouting programs.

  • Chapel Improvements
    "Students and faculty can finally really hear and see what’s happening in Chapel. The improvements have made such a difference.” — Steve Allen, Chaplain

    As one of the oldest facilities and most-used spaces on Lovett’s campus, the Alston Memorial Chapel was deserving of an upgrade befitting of its sacred status. While the chapel was well-suited for music, the spoken word always resulted in much negative reverberation. Improvements made to the chapel during the summer of 2011 helped to alleviate that problem. A new sound system, microphones, and acoustical panels have been installed, as has new LED theatrical lighting and a state-of-the-art projection system.

  • Recording Studio
    As the prestige and skill level grows for Lovett’s fine arts groups, like the Ellington Jazz Band, they find themselves increasingly having to submit professional-quality audition tapes for competition performances. Lovett’s new recording studio gives our students and faculty an edge—and serves as a real-world learning tool for our Fine Arts students.

  • Learning Studio
    "Students and teachers both really like the Learning Studio because it breaks down the constructs of what they think school is supposed to be. They just feel more creative in that space.” — Todd Wass, Middle School Teacher

    A new Learning Studio, centrally located near the Vasser Woolley Library across from the Noonan Technology Center, provides a casual and interactive space for collaborative learning between teachers and students. The Studio is home to weekly cross-divisional exchanges, and also to Skyped-in exchanges with thought leaders and educational experts from around the globe. The goal: creatively helping to support our initiatives toward learning in, and for, the 21st century.

  • Murray Athletic Center
    "The Murray Athletic Center gives our student-athletes the strength and conditioning resources that they deserve, enhancing their ability to train and perform in Lovett’s competitive sports environment.” — Steve Franks, Director of Athletics

    The Lovett School has a proud history of fielding competitive teams in a multitude of sports. A record number of students, both boys and girls, participate in after-school athletics throughout Middle and Upper School. Many of these students, especially the girls, participate on teams and in sports that did not even exist at Lovett when the current campus was developed. There was a downside to this success, however—a shortage of athletic facilities for physical education, practice, and competition purposes.

    Located adjacent to the new Railey Field, a new LEED-certified, 40,000-square-feet Athletic Center is now key to providing Lovett with the necessary spaces. The new facility was named in honor of The Stuart and Eulene Murray Foundation, which committed $5 million toward Lovett’s facilities in the Our Defining Decade Campaign.

    The Murray Athletic Center includes:
    • A multipurpose room named in honor of Coach Jim Glasser for wrestling, volleyball, and cheerleading practice;
    • Student locker rooms that provide space for team meetings, personal storage, and personal dress;
    • A fitness and weight training center that meets the increased fitness demands of our students—as well as meets the wellness needs and improves the quality of life for our faculty and staff;
    • Equipment storage that alleviates the problem of athletic equipment being housed in inappropriate and inconvenient spaces across campus, far away from where it is used;
    • Concession and restroom facilities that serve spectators attending events on Railey Field;
    • Faculty/staff locker rooms; and 
    • Support space for faculty, staff, and coaches.

  • The Hite Wellness Center
    was also renovated to create an enlarged sports medicine facility.
  • Pedestrian Plaza and Turnaround
    A pedestrian plaza, spanning the area between Wallace Gymnasium and Kilpatrick Stadium and stretching down to the new Murray Athletic Center, allows vehicles through for carpool but can be blocked off to vehicular traffic during the academic day, sporting events, and special occasions. By so doing, a new festive and safe gathering area for our families and fans has been created. The plaza is anchored by a large landscaped turnaround on the north end, allowing cars to pick-up and drop-off at the new Murray Athletic Center rather than continuing on to the Upper School and Williams Plaza. This turnaround helps reduce congestion both during after-school carpool and evening athletic carpool.
  • Kilpatrick Stadium Renovations 
    Phase I of the renovations included retaining the stadium's existing concrete seating, but replacing its outdated concessions, press box, and restrooms. With this new configuration, not only did the number of restrooms increase from 7 to 44, but the aisle at the top of the stairs is double in width, and the openings from the plaza to the seating have increased almost sevenfold.

    Phase II of the renovations, which will occur at a later date, will expand the grandstands to an additional level above the restrooms/concessions and to either side of the current concrete seating, essentially doubling the stadium's seating capacity.

  • Energy Conservation Projects
    Lovett’s strategic plan calls for us to pursue environmental sustainability and practice environmental stewardship wherever we can. Recent conservation projects include retrofitting campus-wide emergency exit signs and the parking deck with new energy-efficient LED lighting. This “greening” of the campus has a fiscal benefit, as well, with lowered utility costs being realized across campus.
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