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An independent, coed K-12 day school in Atlanta

School Counseling

Lovett is dedicated to supporting whole child wellness by providing compassionate, comprehensive, and developmentally appropriate programs addressing the social and emotional needs of all students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Lovett’s school counselors serve as advocates for all students. Counseling services are an integral part of student education and help our students reach their full potential. Lovett’s counseling program includes direct services such as classroom guidance instruction, individual counseling, and small group meetings, as well as indirect services such as consultation, collaboration, and referrals.

Our school counselors are partners in education with students, teachers, families, and community members. We value our partnership with families and strive to build strong and lasting relationships that promote student success. The counselors work collaboratively with teachers and families to develop healthy, resilient, responsible, and successful citizens of the world.

The counselors strive to develop connections with our families and appreciate each individual student's identity.

Our doors are open to the Lovett family. We invite students, parents, faculty, and staff to visit our office, introduce themselves, and get to know their divisional counselors.

Counseling Team

All School

Sara Friedman
Director of K-12 Counseling

Lower School

Chisom Ngumezi
School Counselor

Melissa Letzler
School Counselor

Middle School

Lyvelle Simms
School Counselor

Ryan Veselsky
School Counselor

Upper School

Dr. Brenda Wall
School Counselor

Chere Stadler
School Counselor

Julie Mehta
School Counselor

Counseling Program Overview