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Campus Safety and Security
The Lovett School is committed to providing a safe and secure campus environment in which our students, employees, and visitors feel comfortable. Many parents have questions about the measures that schools take to safeguard students and employees. To that end, the below are a few campus specifics:

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  • Safety and Security Team

    The Lovett security team has over 15 employees, several of whom are off-duty or retired Atlanta Police Department (APD) officers. Lovett’s Head of Security is a retired lieutenant and detective with APD. Security staff patrols campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Depending on the size and nature of events on campus after hours, additional staffing may be employed. Our security team is trained to know and listen to our community members, both adults and children.  

    Medical personnel include full-time nursing staff during the school day, while after-hours sports medicine trainers are available to assist with medical emergencies related to athletics or otherwise. The security team also includes licensed emergency medical technicians (EMT’s); all others are CPR-certified. Members of our security team have saved the lives of several individuals on campus in recent years.

  • Physical Security

    Beyond the invaluable work of our security team, Lovett employs a number of other different types of campus safeguards. These include photo ID’s for all permanent employees; multiple locations for visitor check-in and issuance of temporary ID’s; video monitoring of activity external to buildings, main entrance and parking deck; and automatic locking systems on all buildings.  Security team members are permanently positioned at certain buildings throughout the school day.

    The school is only accessible via the main entrance during the school day, except during carpool times. Back gate closure during the day helps protect pedestrian traffic and limit access to campus. The Lower School carpool system, School Pass, further enhances student safety and security during afternoon dismissal.
  • Communication and Planning

    The school employs a community-wide emergency notification system that sends texts and email notifications in the event that information needs to be quickly distributed to the community. In the event of an emergency, social media, traditional media and the homepage of the website are also updated.

    The entire Lovett community practices emergency drills throughout the year: fire, lockdown, and severe weather. The Lovett administrative team has a security and emergency task force that meets monthly to review safety and security protocols, and this team is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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