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An independent, coed K-12 day school in Atlanta

Visual Arts

Visual Arts introduces the power of the creative process through which students explore technical and interpretive skills that combine a strong ability to communicate ideas and concepts that transcend the written word. Students are invited to explore the many opinions to a create a final result. This process builds resilience to failure and a willingness to try new ideas. Students develop and engage in real problem-solving skills.

In Visual Arts, students must synthesize and understand techniques to find their own point of view and create art that represents a concept, empathy, and a connection to the viewer.

Class offerings include art foundations, art history, ceramics, digital photography, black and white photography, printmaking, drawing, film history, screenwriting, videography, painting, and sculpture.

Moviemaking class

Program Highlights

The Student Art Club is designed to encourage students to enjoy making something as a means of building community, but also to relieve stress.  Projects can be community service oriented, crafts, the meaningful study of an art media, or just for fun!

The Photography program has a spectrum that ranges from the 1840 Wet Plate Collodion Photography process to the 2022 Digital Photography and editing with Adobe Suite. Bringing in many highly esteemed visiting photographers also allows students to have a connection to the professional photographic world.

Printmaking includes processes, such as engraving with ferric chloride, relief block as well as laser cut block printing, monotypes, and dry-point etching.