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An independent, coed K-12 day school in Atlanta

Black Alumni Council

The Black Alumni Council is a group of Black alumni leaders who focus intently on the experience of Black alums and whose chair has a standing seat on the Alumni Association’s Executive Board.

Its purpose is to design engagement and service opportunities for Lovett's Black and Multiracial alumni, students, and parents to help reinforce old relationships and forge new relationships with one another and within the Lovett community as a whole. This includes stimulating intellectual and social participation, encouraging contributions to the school, supporting Lovett’s ongoing efforts to enhance diversity, and strengthening the bonds of understanding between the school and its Black alumni community.

When all Lovett graduates feel connected to one another, our Alumni Association, and the school, it benefits our entire community. Alumni goodwill contributes to Lovett’s reputation, encourages admission applications, and leads to increased volunteerism and philanthropy among our graduates. All of our students, parents, and the school are served by the network of support (social, professional, volunteer, and philanthropic) that this relationship creates.  When alumni don’t feel a sense of belonging, the school's reputation can be negatively impacted and the full promise of alumni support cannot be realized.

The Black Alumni Council was formed from collaboration among the Alumni Association's leadership, Black alumni volunteers, Lovett’s DEIB Committee, and the Board of Trustees. It was announced in the fall of 2021 at an inaugural event drawing tremendous attendance from Lovett’s Black alumni, students, and their families: the Backyard BBQ.

Black Alumni Council at BBQ event

Black Alumni Council Leadership

B.J. Crane ’93, Chairman
Peter Thomas ’84
Rochelle Webb ’97
Alexandra Robinson Daniels ’04
Thaddeus Rolle ’04
Stacey Sampson ’13
Courtney-Simone Graves ’14
Josh Moore ’15