Trips , Travel & Courses on Location

In order to foster mutual understanding and respect among diverse cultures, Lovett sponsors spring and summer break trips around the globe.

Several courses on location are available through Lovett's Summer School. In recent years, Lovett students have spent summers studying Israel's history, culture, and religious traditions in Jerusalem; they've documented the people and places of central Mexico in a photography course; and, they've learned tropical ecology and studied Spanish on location at Siempre Verde in Ecuador.

The spring break trip to Italy is open to all students in grades 10–12 and run in alternate years. The purpose of the trip is to explore the major classical archaeological sites of Rome and Campania and to expose students to the continuum of Italian culture from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. Other spring break trips vary from year to year; recent destinations have included Morocco, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Guatemala.
Several scholarship funds are available to assist Lovett students who want to extend their education beyond the walls of a traditional classrooms. 

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