Exchanges & Homestays

Through two-way exchanges with schools around the world, Lovett students live in homestays for a period of three to five weeks. 
They attend school, go on vacation, and experience the daily rhythm of life with their host families. The Lovett students then extend the same hospitality, hosting their exchange partners for a combination of school and vacation time. Lovett freshmen and sophomores are invited to apply for summer exchanges to England, South Africa, and Australia.

In 2012, Lovett joined the World Leading Schools Association (WLSA), a hand-picked group of schools in the United States, England, South Africa, and Australia, with the goal of building East/West relationships. In partnership with WLSA, Lovett welcomes a delegation of international teachers for two weeks in February, in alternate years. They are hosted by Lovett families and participate fully in the life of the school during their visit.

Travel Blogs

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