Our Vision for Learning

Lovett offers experiences that inspire our students to love learning. We encourage them to think critically, communicate effectively, engage creatively, and collaborate purposefully. We provide the opportunities and resources that help our students develop independence and self-direction and extend their learning beyond the walls of the classroom as they grow intellectually, emotionally, physically, aesthetically, morally, and spiritually.

The Lovett Learner...

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  • is a person of character

    who lives the ideals articulated in our character pledge and is prepared to think and act with empathy as a responsible global citizen in an increasingly diverse landscape.
  • is an effective communicator

    who listens attentively, speaks articulately, writes clearly, and conveys his ideas and understandings in a variety of formats using the language of his discipline.
  • is creative

    constructing imaginative ideas and innovative alternatives and applying his knowledge to non-routine problems, particularly those without rule-based solutions.
  • thinks critically and reflectively

    As a researcher, he is able to navigate abundant information, analyze and synthesize what he finds, and draw evidence-based conclusions. As a problem solver, she is more interested in asking good questions and developing ideas than in memorizing facts.
  • works collaboratively

    to create a new knowledge base, comprising multiple perspectives. She builds leadership skills by facilitating group discussions, forging consensus, and negotiating outcomes within a diverse group.


Vision for Learning News

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  • Creating a Culture of Reading in the Middle School

    Written by Erin Dixon, Middle School Dean of Faculty and Instruction

    Our middle school building is full of back to school energy and excitement, and once again, we have started our year with a focus on independent reading. As educators, we know the value of being a lifelong reader; not only does it build your knowledge base in vocabulary, but it also builds your sense of empathy and widens your perspective.
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  • Middle School "Seniors" Learn to Lead

    Meredyth Cole and Lovett's new Assistant Head of Academics, Chelle Wabrek, helped eighth graders frame their leadership presence and set goals for this important year.
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  • Doing Data Right

    Lower School Librarian Jennifer Northrup teaches students how academic research shouldn’t start (or end!) with Google...and uses a fun project to pique their interest. In a recent piece on the website of MISBO, an association of 340 schools throughout the United States, she shared four steps for encouraging Lovett’s youngest learners to use databases developed specifically for their age groups: 
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  • The Portman Family Middle School as a Teaching Tool

    Why are buildings like the Portman Family Middle School necessary for the health of the planet?  That was the question asked of all 6th-grade students when they were assigned to describe the sustainable features of the Middle School building.  Students read portions of the book
    Drawdown by Paul Hawken, participated in class discussions, and conducted independent research to understand the role that the LEED-certified building plays in nurturing a healthy planet.  They then worked in collaborative groups to synthesize their knowledge about sustainability and to create this immersive 360-degree tour of the Portman Family Middle School.  
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  • 30-second Me

    "Students created short films comprised of 30, one-second shots which, taken together, tell the story of themselves and the places they frequent. Students wrestled with technical questions: What should I shoot? From what angle? How do I edit shots together? What music should accompany the images?"
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  • The Lower School Learning Tree

    "A Learning Tree mural and art installation now fills a wall in the Lower School ... Through words and images, it captures Lovett’s mission and commitment to learning, character, and community. Over the course of the past seven months, every student in the Lower School has played a role in bringing the tree to life."
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  • Student Spotlight: Joe Sear ‘19

    Every January, Lovett sophomores are invited to apply for one of three diploma distinctions--akin to a college major--in Global Studies, Service & Leadership, or Sustainability. Joe Sear ‘19 is on track to graduate with a distinction in Global Studies, representing five semesters of intentional co-curricular activities, readings, reflections, and classes designed to be perspective-broadening and empathy-building.
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  • #NeverAgain Design Challenge

    The 7th grade hallway in the Middle School has a different feel this week. Desks and chairs in the humanities and social studies classrooms have been pushed to the side and replaced with immersive exhibits that tell the story of genocides in Cambodia, Armenia, Rwanda, Darfur, and Bosnia.
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  • What do Systems of Equations have to do with the Vision for Learning?

    "Seventh and eighth graders in Advanced Algebra I worked in collaborative groups to research different methods for solving systems of equations and inequalities."
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  • What makes us hopeful?

    Algorithms, AI, and Machine Learning

    In early October, approximately 25 Lovett students joined 500 other learners from around the world to explore algorithms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning in a Global Online Academy (GOA) course with the subtitle, “The Invisible Forces that Shape our Lives.”
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  • Data Collection Through the Eyes of Fifth Graders

    "As they began the year, students began to understand the idea of collecting data not simply to answer questions, but to provoke more questions, to invite curiosity. Together, students unpacked the “why” behind collecting data and generated a list of potential data collection ideas for the year."
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  • Photo 3 students tell their generation’s story

    "Submitting work to The New York Times was terrifying, but it also immediately enlarged the students’ stage: there was a chance their voices would be heard and their images seen around the world."
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  • Art, Music, "Making," and Music-making

    What do visual art, orchestra, and engineering have to do with each other? Quite a lot if you are a third grade orchestra student at Lovett! Inspired by Pablo Picasso’s guitar sculptures, the 29 students enrolled in third grade orchestra designed and built their own instrument sculptures. They then took it a few steps further, composing, performing, and recording their own short pieces inspired by their art, and then wiring and soldering the recording and playback device inside the sculptures for the listening pleasure of the viewer.

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  • What do math and reading have to do with each other? An Answer.

    Inspired by an article “How Reading Novels in Math Class Can Strengthen Student Engagement,” several Lovett math teachers sat down last spring to brainstorm with Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs, Marsha Little.
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  • Sustainability Design Challenge

    Seventh graders kicked off a six-day sustainability design challenge: an immersive, interdisciplinary, collaborative experience that revolved around the three spheres of sustainability: environmental, economic, and social.
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  • Creating Art From Tragedy in Course on Genocide

    OnLion Staff: Laurel Blaske
    For senior Tep Seth's final art project for the Holocaust and the History of Genocide class, she found her voice in the form of a tree.
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  • Insta-stainability, 6th Grade Science

    Students explored sustainability, via Instagram, through three lenses: social, economic, and environmental, considering what sustainability means on campus and in their personal lives. The lesson is documented on Instagram @LionScienceMS.
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  • Visual Arts End-of-Semester Highlights

    "Ms. Mack got us some cool new glazes with crystals to go on our pots," he said. "Because of an error, our class found out that if you mixed clear glaze with the new crystal glaze, it created a really pretty effect."
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  • French Monuments Project

    French IV Honors students designed, developed, and printed monuments to commemorate Francophone history.
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  • Lovett at Maker Faire Atlanta

    The Academic Technology team represented the school at a booth where they taught visitors how to build a Brushbot.
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