Middle School



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  • Debbie Franks

    Head of Middle School
  • Erin Dixon

    Assistant Head of MS for Academics 
  • Joseph Moody 

    Assistant Head of MS for Student Life
  • Wade Reck

    Assistant Head of MS for Spiritual Life and Community 
  • Mary Olszewski

    Director of Executive Functioning
  • Bertelie Jules

    Administrative Assistant
  • Perelini Bush  

    Administrative Assistant
  • Sara Friedman

    Guidance Counselor
  • Ryan Veselsky 

    Guidance Counselor
Single-sex core classes throughout the Middle School program offer students the support of focused and comfortable learning within a rich and varied coeducational environment. A comprehensive curriculum of math, language arts, world languages, social studies, and science allows students to build new skills and explore increasingly complex ideas. Their emotional, physical, and creative development are further nurtured through our acclaimed chapel, fine arts, and athletic programs.

Students begin their Middle School experience with a curriculum intentionally designed to prepare them for what’s ahead: in addition to their academic study of math, science, language arts, and social studies, students in Grade 6 take courses in reading strategies, art, religion, and physical education; explore a variety of world languages; and rotate through a curriculum of Lovett Life Lessons on Peer Relationships, Computer Literacy, Diversity Awareness, Etiquette, Public Speaking, Research Techniques, Service Learning, and Leadership.

With this foundation in place, seventh graders have the opportunity to make informed course selections: students may choose an elective from various arts or technology options and study either Spanish, French, Latin, or Chinese. The seventh grade takes a class trip to Washington, D.C. Beginning in the seventh grade students can participate on school athletic teams. Each of the three athletic seasons includes at least one no-cut sport.

In eighth grade, an interdisciplinary Mock Congress and social issues research project challenge students to stretch their creative and critical thinking skills; the focus of this final Middle School year is leadership training and service learning, as well as preparing students to enter the Upper School. Eighth graders travel to New York City each spring.
The Lovett School is an independent, coeducational day school where children from Kindergarten through Grade 12 find the courage to explore and the drive to discover.

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