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  • The Beth and Ray Chenault Fine Arts Teaching Award

    In support of the strong tradition of exceptional teaching and fine arts at Lovett, the Fine Arts Teaching Award was established in 2007, thanks to the generosity of Lovett parents Richard and Kathy Lee, to reward excellent fine arts instructors and thus help attract and retain the best fine arts faculty possible. The recipient is nominated by the Fine Arts faculty.

    Past recipients: Beth Chenault, Karey Walter, Anne Page, Stutz Wimmer, Michael Halad, Charissa Gransden, Amy Story, Susan McCluskey, Chris Ekholm, Katy McDougal, Brian Patterson
  • The Charles E. Oakley Service Award

    In 1997, The Lovett School established an award to honor Charles Oakley who, in 36 years of service to the school, demonstrated uncommon skill and tireless generosity of spirit to members of the entire Lovett community. The recipient of the Oakley Service Award is that person determined most closely to follow Charlie's example of dedicated, highly effective service to others. All employees who have been with the school for five years are eligible for consideration, and any staff member may place the name of a colleague in nomination. The selection committee is composed of the Headmaster, the Business Manager, and the Directors of Athletics, Fine Arts, and Development.

    Past recipients: Charlie Oakley, Miriam Taylor, Rob Carder, Jerry Beadle, Mike Lanning, Greg Hamrick, Jeff Rountree, Vikki Harris, Sam Evins, Meredith Statler, Beverly Hamrick, Sandy Watson, Lynn Elliott, Hershel Moon, Aaron Jessie, Betty Owlett, Barbara Edmundson, Rick Godfrey, Gina Conrad, Mary Holloway Timberlake '75, Russ Malsnee, Marie Lanning
  • The Kahn Family Distinguished Teaching Fellowship

    Established by Jennifer and David Kahn '81, this award is considered the highest recognition of a teacher in the Middle School at Lovett. The award recipient is a full-time teacher who best exemplifies a passion and love for teaching, is an example of a life-long learner, is highly respected and admired for devotion to young people, and demonstrates excellence in his.her crafts as a teacher. The Kahn Fellow has a positive and warm working relationship with other faculty and staff members, contributes to the success of and supports the entire school program, believes in and promotes Lovett's mission of developing the "whole child," inspires individuals to realize their full potential as students and human beings, and is a positive and supportive leader whose influence guides and encourages students and peers. The award is given every five years.

    Past recipients: Andy Sayles, Anna Sterne
  • The Leonard and Carla Wood Endowed Master Teacher Chair (Lower School)

    In 1994, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Wood, realizing the value of excellence in teaching, established an Endowed Master Teacher Chair to provide an annual supplement to a Lower School faculty member who is a master teacher. The recipient is selected on the basis of having superior classroom teaching skills, the ability to motivate students, and a deep commitment to the teaching profession. The committee to select this recipient is composed of the Lower School Principal, Assistant Principal, and the past recipients of the award.

    Past recipients: Edi Houghton, Connie Braddy, Susan Ralls, Andrea Morgan, Trish Carter, Stephanie Bullock, Mary Stark, Sarah Spiers, Sarah Griffin
  • The Lichtenstein Award for Support Staff

    This award was created in 2018 by gifts from the 2017-18 Lovett Board of Trustees and the Lovett community to honor Janice Lichtenstein for her 18 years of service to Lovett, 14 of those years supporting Headmaster Billy Peebles. This award annually celebrates a Lovett employee who provides exemplary services “behind the scenes” in a quiet, professional, and dedicated manner.
    Previous recipients: Michelle Pope, Melody Dotson-Carter
  • The Loridans Academic Fellowship Award

    Recognizing the value of excellent teaching and as an encouragement to a "master teacher" in the Upper School, the Loridans Foundation established this fund in 1992. The recipient is selected on the basis of having excellent classroom skills, the ability to motivate students, and having a keen interest in and commitment to the teaching profession.

    Past recipients: Bob Braddy, Ken Rau, Randy Murphy, Mike Sanders, Angela Mitchell, Karen McLeavy
  • The Loudermilk Family Foundation Award

    First presented in 2004, the Loudermilk Family Foundation Award recognizes as individual varsity coach who serves as a role model for other coaches, players, parents, and fans and is committed to the pursuit of excellence, a well-balanced approach to life, sportsmanship, and cooperation within the community. The nominee must be a member of the school staff (full or part time), must have served Lovett as an interscholastic coach for at least three years, must be a current varsity coach, and must be returning the following year.

    Past recipients: Jim Glasser, Chuck Melito, George Pribish, Steve Allen, Mary Buczek, Mike Muschamp, Ricky Davis, Jimmy Jewell, Tommy Stucky, Colleen Bailey, Bryan Overly, Lance Oubs, Sean DelFavro, Nolan Morris, Jim Buczek
  • The Loyal Lion Award

    The Loyal Lion Award was created in 2016 to honor exemplary team members in Dining Services and Plant Operations (Grounds, Maintenance, Housekeeping, and Security). Loyal Lion Award recipients are dedicated employees who are valued for their service to their team, their department, and to the school as a whole. They are positive role models and have earned the respect of their peers and their manager for their work ethic and attitude. The Loyal Lion Award comes with a cash stipend. Each year, an award is given to a Dining Services employee and a Plant Operations employee.

    Past recipients: 
    Diane Brantley, Thomas Danielly, Pamela Thomas, Lora Terry, Jerry Griffin, Joe Williams, Mac Malsnee, Chris Ward, Wiley Bagby, Amber Sheppard
  • The Mary and Jack Dinos Middle School Master Teacher Chair

    In 1994, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dinos, realizing the value of excellence in teaching, established this endowed fund to provide an annual supplement to a Middle School faculty member who is a master teacher. The recipient is selected on the basis of having superior classroom teaching skills, the ability to motivate students, and a deep commitment to the teaching profession. The committee to select the recipient is composed of the Headmaster, the Middle School Principal, and past recipients of the award.

    Past recipients: Becky Spotts, Sam McCarthy, Marc Mallet, Nancy Walton, Juli Fleming, Robin Fuller, Andy Sayles, Ben Posten, Andrea Morgan, Anna Sterne, Kelly Lecceardone, Lannitra Peaks-Turner
  • The Mathews Family Distinguished Teaching Fellowship Fund

    The Mathews Family Fellowship was established through the generosity of Jane and George Mathews. The fund is designed to reward exceptional Lower School instructors and support the goals of attracting, developing, and retaining the best faculty possible. The ideal Mathews Family Fellowship recipient would be an experienced Lower School teacher who demonstrates a passion for lifelong learning, professionalism, and creative teaching skills, while serving as a role model for both students and faculty.

    Past recipients: Jeff Morton, Laurie Smilack, Jennifer Tatasciore
  • The O. Wayne Rollins Merit Awards Endowment Fund

    The O. Wayne Rollins Merit Awards Endowment Fund, created in July 2013 through a grant from the O. Wayne Rollins Foundation, is designed to support Lovett’s efforts to attract, develop, and retain the best faculty and staff possible by awarding special grants to outstanding teachers. Each year, a number of “master teachers” in each division will receive these merit awards in recognition of their passion, love of learning, and engagement in the life of the school.

    Past recipients: Melissa McNally, Claire Mracek, Stacia Boatwright, Glenn Austin, Bernadette May-Beaver, Mike Sanders, Brian Patterson, Katy McDougal, Amy Darsey, Laura Jordan, Jennifer Murphy, Yesenia Alonzo, Heidi Gray, Sandra Switzer, Rebecca Hirsch, Susan Ralls, Gayle Greenwood, Carla Civita-Garcia, Symphony Romaine, Jeff Wierzba, Wade Reck, Mark May-Beaver, Jennifer King, Jennifer Blake, Deb Ulrich, Ashley Schick, 
    Ashley Sharpton, Katherine Granger, Kelly Lecceardone, Morgan Rutherford, Jill Chang, Carrie Stafford, Kevin Randolph,  Wesley Forlines

  • The Outstanding Co-Teacher Award

    Realizing that our co-teachers have a vital role in the education of Lovett's youngest children, the award was established in 2011.

    Past recipients: Emily Schultz, Linda Weiner, Melinda Rue, Beth Tucker, Elizabeth Perkins, Colleen Bailey, Vince Nasca
  • The Peebles Leadership by Example Award

    Established in 2012, this award is given annually to an employee who contributes to the Lovett community, in both their official and unofficial duties, by being a positive and supportive influence of good character. The recipient is one who displays an unselfish concern for others and leads by example through a life of integrity, high character, modesty, and respect for others. The recipient receives both a cash award and a stipend to help support school programs that promote character and leadership. Nominations for this award are solicited from employees of Lovett and Lovett students.

    Past recipients: Lisa Goldie, Charles Astin, Lynn Elliot, Angela Morris-Long, Hershel Moon, Anne Page, Steve Allen
  • The Stephen Award for Excellence in Teaching

    Made possible through a gift from the James R. and Lana B. Stephen Family Fund, this award honors junior Upper School faculty who define the present and future excellence of the school. In creating this fund, the family of Lana and Jim Stephen hopes to acknowledge educators who cultivate lifelong learners. The ideal recipient will foster curiosity, creativity, and intuition through adaptive instruction.

    Past recipients: Jonathan Newman, Emily Anderson, Courtney Moss, Nolan Morris, Molly Arkon, Agnes Browning, Mary Kay Waterman, Wade Morris '00, Diane Staats, Allie Morrow
  • The Surdyk Award

    A Lovett family made a memorial contribution to the school's endowment which generates funding for an annual award to be presented to a Lovett faculty member or administrator who has provided an exceptionally high degree of individual attention to and concern for students in all areas of school life. The recipient must be actively involved in classroom teaching. The Surdyk Award Committee, consisting of the Headmaster, the Principals, and the Academic Dean, meets each spring to select the person who best exemplifies these characteristics. Any faculty or staff member may recommend a nominee to the committee. Neither length of employment at Lovett nor intention to return for the coming year is a consideration. While the use of the award is unrestricted, the donors are hopeful that some of the proceeds can assist with the recipient's development of the craft of teaching.

    Past recipients: Sam Rothermel, Lloyd Fonvielle, Sandy Sturgeon, Tim Shafer, Betty Smith, Bill Holleman, Fred Rawe, Sam McCarthy, Lynn Elliott, Steve Allen, Linda Drake, Clara Traver, Jeff Stachura, Ann Swartz, Marianne Beverly, Jill Melito, Julie Guthrie Smith, Stacie Penland, Alice Empire, Sue Copps, Mary Spencer, Angela Morris-Long, Colleen Bailey, Barbara Wyle, Ed Billingslea, Kim Blass, Wade Reck, Christian Young, Jay Freer '78, Jessica Sant
  • The Upper School Excellence in Teaching Award Endowment Fund

    This award, established initially as The Alumni Excellence in Teaching Award by Patti and Jordan Clark in October 2005, is in appreciation of all teachers who have had such a strong, positive influence on their lives and their alumnae daughters, Dorsett '01, Graham '04, and Suzanne '07. Renamed in December 2019, this fund supports Lovett's tradition of exceptional classroom teachers by recognizing one of the Upper School's best faculty members with an end-of-year award.

    Past Recipients: Mike Sanders
  • The Wood Family Distinguished Teaching Fellowship

    In 2009, longtime Lovett friends and supporters Carla and Leonard Wood created the Wood Family Distinguished Teaching Fellowship through a marvelous challenge gift to Lovett. Many dozens of Lovett’s friends responded generously to this challenge, allowing us to award this fellowship for the first time in 2014. The fellowship provides a wonderful stipend to a teacher in recognition of his or her exceptional skills and accomplishments as a master teacher. The award furthers many of the goals that Carla and Leonard and Lovett hold so dear for our teachers: pursuit of excellence, life-long learning, creative thought and instruction, and the nurture of the whole child.

    Past recipients: Stutz Wimmer, Andrea Morgan, Jonathan Newman
  • The Woodward Awards for Excellence in Teaching

    The Lovett School received a grant from the Woodward Fund in 1983 to establish the Woodward Awards for Excellence in Teaching. The recipients are recognized by colleagues as master teachers who improve the achievement of students in significant ways and go beyond the normal commitment of time and energy in the pursuit of excellence. The Woodward Awards committee consists of the recipients of the award for the past three years. Teachers and administrators may make nominations to the committee. The committee selects a teacher from each school division and one at large, whom they determine to be the most qualified. A Woodward Award teacher must be a full-time teacher who is returning for the next year.

    Past recipients:
    1984Bob Braddy, Anne Brandau Fuentes, Olympia Conant, Robin Fuller, Jim Glasser, Helen Letts, Beverly Webb
    1985Lynn Elliott, Dick Hall, Charlie Oakley, Teeny Parker
    1986Kitty Hand, Bill Railey, Charlotte Walker, Jackie Walker
    1987Claudia Dickens, Susan Evins, Bettye Jo Martin, Mike Shields
    1988Carolyn Alexander, Ellen Brueck, Sharon Flores, Joni Janis
    1989Tom Bartelt, Kim Johnston, Ken Rau, Becky Spotts
    1990Gayle Brown, Andrea Morgan, Ben Posten, Cherie Schofield
    1991Sandra Almond, Georgia Ekonomou, Joe Ewbank, Mariane Schaum
    1992Mary Lou Williams, Connie Braddy, Rick Chase, Jay Freer
    1993Beth Chenault, Edi Houghton, Ed Lawrence, Carol Ordover
    1994Marc Mallet, Judy Maziar, Bill Nichols, Shirley Spooner
    1995Jim Crowley, Larry Herbert, Sandy Sturgeon, Nancy Walton
    1996Jenny Casanave, Lynn Magee, Susan Ralls, Stutz Wimmer
    1997Rozzie Bird, Conway Farmer, Mary Hatfield, Ruth Walker
    1998Donna Becker, Diane Husmann, Jan Pylant, Maria Rawe
    1999Marianne Beverly, Wayne Parker, Laura VanderHart, Tom Zwierlein
    2000Steve Bickley, Jimmy Jewell, Lesley Robertson, Nancy Spetnagel
    2001Dan Dalke, Alice Empie, Gayle Greenwood, Jill Melito
    2002Martha Osborne, Ken Vesey, Mike Sanders, Andy Sayles
    2003Susie Davis, Gerald Frasier, Dana Graham, Karey Walter
    2004Ricky Davis, Jeff Morton, Patrick Mourjan, Kay Saunders
    2005George Pribish, Dominique Bennett, Louise Ray, Elvira Chinen
    2006Jim Wingate, Sara King, Bryan Overly, Mary Stark
    2007Pat Costen, Bridget Peerless, Ann Swartz, Mallorie Dubugnon  
    2008Angela Mitchell, Diane McEwen, Christina Benson Smith, Deborah DaCunha Watson
    2009Maria Drinkard, Dora Xavier, Holley McBroom, Bernadette May-Beaver
    2010Faye Odom, Anna Sterne, Sandra Switzer, Mark May-Beaver 
    2011Heidi Gray, Sarah Spiers, Sara Cameli, Laurie Smilack 
    2012Tricia Buce, Michelle Murphy, Kim Morgan, Bettye Manning 
    2013Trish Carter, Chris Ekholm, Karen McLeavy, Don Rigler 
    2014Sarah Raymer, Paige Hager, Debi Ohayon, Alex Reynolds
    2015Amy Darsey, Jennifer Reynolds, Betty Hu, Lannitra Peaks
    2016Margia Swaim, Tommy Jones, Kelly Ryan, Jennifer Wilson
    2017Laura Jordan, Jennifer Murphy, Rene Houngblame, Teresa Young

          Meadow Smith,  Sarah Parham-Gianitti, Bob Amar, Carla Civita-Garcia

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