Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Student Experience

The Lovett School is committed to:
  • Creating a consistent culture and experience of inclusion and belonging for every student and family spanning the entire range of identities and backgrounds, historically represented or underrepresented in the Lovett community.
  • Ensuring that all students feel heard, affirmed, and respected by employees, peers, and families alike; and where these same students are appreciated and heralded as part of what makes Lovett so special.
  • Recruiting and retaining more diverse representation in the student and faculty populations as a core component of academic, programmatic, and organizational excellence.
  • Embedding culturally competent practices into the curriculum and co-curricular activities (ie. school assemblies, summer reading lists, field trips, etc.) to build the cultural expectation that DEI is a requisite skill set for the entire Lovett community and reflects our commitment to ensure every student is affirmed and prepared to navigate an increasingly diverse and inclusive world after Lovett.

Family and Employee Experience

The Lovett School is committed to:
  • Defining a set of essential skills and clear definitions of cultural competency expectations for employees to support inclusion and identify the role that each member of the workforce plays in nurturing and sustaining an inclusive employee culture of belonging.
  • Ensuring that all employees are empowered with the skills to navigate successfully DEI conversations and practices in their classrooms and or departments, and amongst students, peers or families.
  • Developing a full sense of belonging in the Lovett community for families as part of the “Pride of Lions”.
  • Supporting and affirming families in the knowledge that their children will graduate with the knowledge that their children will graduate with the skills to thrive in a diverse environment.

Institutional Policy and Practice

The Lovett School is committed to:

  • Implementing a consistent practice of cultural competency and skill development for major stakeholders which includes employees, students, and families.
  • Graduating students with cultural competency as one of their core skillsets to prepare them for participation in a diverse global culture.
  • Shifting cultural understanding about the role of DEI in supporting excellence in outcomes for all Lovett students and families, without regard to their specific identity or background.


The Lovett School is committed to:

  • Defining and operationalizing the “whole child” approach at Lovett.
  • Incorporating a shared pedagogical practice that centers the establishment of inclusive classroom climate and culture.
  • Revising Lovett’s pedagogical and moral/ethical commitment to multicultural curriculum so students emerge with increased critical thinking and research competencies to make sense of an increasingly complex world.
  • Developing a sustainable system and practice so faculty are better trained in cultural competency, culturally responsive teaching, and integrating DEI in the classroom.
The Lovett School is an independent, coeducational day school where children from Kindergarten through Grade 12 find the courage to explore and the drive to discover.

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