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An independent, coed K-12 day school in Atlanta


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Greetings from the Head of School

Every morning, Lovett's faculty and staff have the pleasure of welcoming more than 1,640 children to the Riverbank for a new day of learning, joy, and possibility.

It’s a responsibility that we do not take lightly and we constantly challenge ourselves to provide the best educational environment possible. It is a privilege to offer Lovett’s distinctive, whole child education to every student, ensuring they are supported and provided with intellectual rigor, social-emotional learning, and character development opportunities.

At Lovett, our mission is to be a community of belonging that grows students of honor, faith, and wisdom with the character and intellect to thrive in learning and life. Guided by inspiring faculty, coaches, and administrators, our students learn through our mission every day. They live it through purposefully designed experiences. And they love the opportunities a Lovett education offers.

When founding The Lovett School, Eva Edwards Lovett encouraged a curriculum that “deals with the materials of life and living [that] develop initiative and a capacity for adaptation.”

I find it remarkable that Mrs. Lovett articulated and modeled an educational approach nearly a century ago that remains more relevant today than ever. She wisely valued the inherent characteristics of childhood—honesty, curiosity, creativity, acceptance, and humor. She insisted on teaching children how to learn, as opposed to what to learn, and how to think, as opposed to what to think. In her own words, her goal was "to teach children to think for themselves, to recognize a problem and think it through, to develop their judgment, to decide for themselves, to accept responsibility." To thrive in an increasingly complex world, today’s Lovett students delve into topics that expand their minds and hearts, build intellectual character, and prepare them to become critical thinkers and leaders. We are committed to providing an environment where education and curriculum continue to evolve for a changing world.

As an educator, I embrace Mrs. Lovett's belief that the total development of the child—intellectually, socially, artistically, and physically—is of paramount importance. As a community, we share her hope that Lovett graduates will pursue lives of purpose, responsible influence, and authentic leadership, no matter where their individual journeys might take them as they discover their passions and strengths and deepen their love of learning.

I invite you to explore Lovett, online and especially on our campus. During your visit, you will see the breadth of our academic programs, our dominant fine arts and athletics offerings, and the joy that permeates through our campus. On behalf of our students, faculty, and families, we look forward to welcoming you to the Riverbank and joining us in the dream that Mrs. Lovett brought into existence.


Meredyth Cole
Head of School