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An independent, coed K-12 day school in Atlanta


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Where Love and Learning Meet

Advancing Whole Child Education

Lovett believes that education isn’t just about a destination—rather, it’s about a journey of hands-on experiences that deepen cognitive, emotional, and social skills while inspiring an enduring enthusiasm for learning.

Our approach to education is guided by the values of our founder, Mrs. Eva Edwards Lovett—an innovative educator who emphasized whole-child development, education through doing, and joyful learning. Almost 100 years later, our continuing mission is to provide unique experiences that inspire an enduring enthusiasm for learning and to graduate young people of honor, faith, and wisdom.

Our work differs from that of other Atlanta schools in its purposes, its methods, and its philosophy. Our emphasis is upon the individual child—their personality, their needs. The development of their varied abilities, character, personality, and satisfactory adjustment are our chief concerns. We seek to know each child as thoroughly as we can, through observation of their activities—both work and play—and the study of their attitudes and habits. We invite freedom of expression, we encourage a critical, questioning attitude, we are eager for independence of thought and action.Eva Edwards LovettFOUNDER

Our Mission

The Lovett School is a community of belonging that develops students of honor, faith, and wisdom with the character and intellect to thrive in learning and life.



Lovett’s core values are the foundation of what we believe and do as an institution, a community, and a school.



We value intellect as a lifelong pursuit of the cognitive, social, and emotional skills required to thrive in an increasingly complex world.



We value purpose as the source of motivation for learning, the discovery of self, and the foundation of a meaningful life.



We value belonging, in a diverse community where all members feel connected, included, supported, and respected.



We value faith as the foundation of spiritual and moral values that lead to ethical decision making and perseverance in the face of challenge.



We value love to cultivate joyful learning, strong character, and a compassionate, healthy community.

Whole Child Education

Whole Child Education at Lovett is the active construction of knowledge using multiple modalities to build cognitive, social, and emotional skills and to motivate individual passion, self-discovery, and collective purpose.

Whole child education has been the foundation of our curriculum from the School’s beginning in 1926. Our founder, Eva Edwards Lovett, envisioned an intentionally different way to learn—where children learn by doing and are taught how to think instead of what to think. Her approach was “to teach children to think for themselves, to recognize a problem and think it through, to develop their judgment, to decide for themselves, to accept responsibility.”

Lovett is advancing whole child education with emphasis on learning by doing and joyful learning. Through purposeful hands-on classroom opportunities, community experiences, and service learning, our students balance intellectual rigor with character development, relationship building, and self-discovery. We center the needs of our students beyond traditional academics, motivating them to develop the intellect and confidence to thrive in school and in life.

Cognitive Skills

At Lovett, students learn how to think critically for themselves, embrace curiosity, investigate problems, and explore imaginative solutions.

Social Skills

Students are immersed in experiential learning opportunities and forge connections with diverse groups on campus, across Atlanta, and around the world.

Emotional Skills

Lovett seeks to develop empathetic students of good character who will make positive changes in their communities and become the leaders the world needs.