Julius Holder: Future Hatter

Victoria Posmantur

Posted March 1, 2012

Whether it’s on the court or the field, Julius Holder always gives his all when it comes to his athletic career. Recently, Holder signed with Stetson University to play division-I college football in beautiful DeLand, Florida.

Stetson University is in the process of building their football program. Stetson hasn’t had a football team since 1956, but in 2011 the president of this university decided to bring back the Hatter football tradition. Initially, one may wonder why Julius would choose a starting up program over the offers he received from established teams.

“Not only does Stetson offer my intended major of computer science, but playing on a new team would also give me the opportunity to possibly start the entire four years of my career. I’m confident that this playing time will attract other strong athletes,” Holder says. “Starting fresh will enable us to grow stronger physically and mentally as a team and by the time we’re sophomores, we’ll be game ready.”

As a middle schooler, Julius played many different sports. Even though he began playing football in 7th grade, he found a love on the basketball court in the 8th grade. As Julius got more involved with club basketball, he believed basketball would be the path he would take as an athlete.

“I only ended up playing football for about a week as a third grader. My parents thought it could interfere with my school work..and I wasn’t that good anyway.” As an eighth grader, I started getting really good at basketball playing on the Campbell club team. It wasn’t until sophomore year when I began to love football and it became my true passion.”

Julius knows that he hasn’t made it this far in his career alone. A Lovett football player from the start (7th grade), he’s appreciated his Lovett coaches from the very beginning.

“Coach Crain has been a huge mentor for me during this entire process. He took me from a player who could tackle to a linebacker who can call plays, and an over all more aggressive player,” he says. “Coach Muschamp was great in helping me put together my highlight tape.”

His parents, always supportive throughout his career, were very important to Julius in the college selection process.

“When I was a Junior and realized that football could be a possibility for college, my parents helped me from the start. I can thank my mom for sending out my highlight tapes out to different universities, generating a lot of interest in me. She encouraged me to reach out to other schools and this really helped me get my name out. My dad is also a great supporter. He watches my games and tells me how things look from the outside.”

Even though Julius is excited to embark on his college journey, he remembers how much he has enjoyed his Lovett football career. There are so many moments that will stick with him in his years to come as a player.

“I remember getting a touchdown in the game against Calloway. It’s like it just happened. I just got the ball and started running. There weren’t any thoughts or strategies going through my head, it all seemed like muscle memory. I can only remember thinking, ‘Go forward!’ ”

Other than the occasional pick-up games between friends, this year was the last time many of our football players will ever be suited up to play again. Julius, still with five years ahead of him, had an emotional last game.

“Carver Columbus was a very physical team with a really fast running back. We played hard. When the game was over, it just killed me. I couldn’t believe we were done.”

Whether we see him as a future NFL player or a memorable college player pursuing his computer science career, Julius Holder has left a legacy at Lovett as a great player and teammate.

“The advice I have for other players is: Stay dedicated. Live in the weight room. This will make you like football even more, and you can find some of the greatest coaches in there. Don’t get discouraged by your skill level, if you stay strong, the coaches can take you to the next level.”

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